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Alison Chai 2006-01-03 11:05

How to extract mkv. file to their original file
:p Pls help me. I want to burn my video file in other format so my friends would not have to install mkv codec to watch mkv video. Pls help me!!!!

TheFluff 2006-01-03 11:54

Install mkvtoolnix. Put mkvextractGUI in the mkvtoolnix directory and then run it. Usage should be obvious.

CAVEAT: You cannot extract H.264 streams to anything useful (what you get is a raw, containerless H.264 bitstream, which is almost never useful). To get H.264 from MKV into AVI, you need to transcode directly. The most convenient way to do so is probably by using Avisynth and its builtin DirectShowSource filter.

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