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Akuma-sama 2006-01-03 15:52

Shuffle Fanfiction: Ideas & Discussion
The purpose of this thread is the discussion and provision of LINKS to any existing or proposed ShuffleFan Fics.

Instead of posting the actual fanfics in this thread, new fanfic threads can be created in the Fan Creations forum by the author and links / updates / feedback can be posted in the thread here (if need be an index can be maintained as part of the first post). This will make it easier to find and spot new updates but it will mean that you need to switch to a new thread to read the fanfics.

This thread can be used as sort of a "links" repository and a place to discuss any Fan Fic projects or current Fan Fics that we're reading. If you want to post your Shuffle Fan Fic, then create a separate thread in the Fan Creations forum where you can post your work and update it as frequently as you want. Come back here and post a link to it.

As mentioned, feel free to post suggestions and discuss ideas for new fanfics or for comments on the fanfic itself but please remember this thread isn't intended to hold the actual fanfic.
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My thrice damned inspiration struck again while I was re-watching Shuffle, and since I've got quite a few (too many) projects right now, I decided to post it here, for someone else to pick up.

Then I decided to create THIS thread instead of just posting the idea. has 1 shuffle fanfic online for now, and the couple in it... meh. Doesn't make me want to read it, really; I've had bad experiences with CCxOC couples before.


Type: AU, divergence point is to be decided
Couple: Works best if it's a Sia/Rin/Nerine threesome, I think
Length: Possibly quite long

While the Demon and God realms are shown to get along well enough, it would not be much of a stretch to imply that such a peace is not an old event, or something that's looked up to on both the gods and the devils' side.

Spoiler for Family stuff revealed in Tick Tack:

Knowing this (sorry to the people who don't want to get spoiled), and assuming the peace between the Demon and God world is something recent (perhaps crafted by Forbesii and 'Shin-chan's fathers?), I could very well imagine a bunch of nobles who would want to ruin that peace.

Enter Tsuchimi Rin, the human who can become a god or a devil, and the wildcard that is the Human Realm.
The Divergence point is really up to whoever decides to pick this idea up, but imagine the reaction to a human, thus "frail" and incapable of using magic, declaring wanting to marry both of the only heirs to the Demon and the God realms, something perfectly legal by the God Realm's rules, but not necessarily by the Demons'.


The main difficulty, though, is that the setup for this is worthy of its own 'book'; for Rin to want to go for both Sia and Nerine, and to bring the news to Asa and Kaede...
And the other book, more politically-driven, would be filled with OCs.
I'd really like to see what people do with this idea; too busy to write it myself, as I said, and I'll be doing my inhuman best to push it out of my mind to concentrate on My∞HiME, so if anyone feels interested in taking it, go right ahead :)

I'm almost tempted to make it a challenge, but no.

And whoever else wants to add their own ideas/announce their fanfics, this is what this thread is for!

Xellos-_^ 2006-01-03 16:29


Originally Posted by Akuma-sama
Spoiler for Family stuff revealed in Tick Tack:

I thought Ai was Nerine's mother. Althought if it was Sage then it explains Nerine's maid uniform in Ep22.

Ikusa_shounen 2006-01-03 16:35

Ai is Nerine's okasan, the thing with Sage said is like some pp have things written on the sig's sayin: Rin and Asa or Rin or sumthing loli like Rimu-chan saying..
Nii-chan forever with me your are

mmm indeed it is says Yoda:heh:

Maids! Maids! Maids! 2006-01-03 16:55

At first I thought it was Ai. Then someone argued, quite convincingly, that it was Sage. Then one of the Shuffle! fansubbers raised doubts about that. Now I suspect, given the bits and pieces I've picked up...


Vexx 2006-01-03 17:05

My understanding of the "nerine" and mother issue in tick tack .... and this is either massive spoiler or extreme confusion on my part ...

Akuma-sama 2006-01-03 17:05

Spoiler for tick tack:

Back on subject?

Ikusa_shounen 2006-01-03 17:18

:heh: for me it was the way around:heh:


EDiITED post*

Vexx 2006-01-03 17:22

*please* use spolier tags ..... seriously.

ON topic: personally, I'd like to rewrite the whole anime we just saw so that it makes sense .... same general ending but one that treats the characters more respectfully.

Ikusa_shounen 2006-01-03 17:37

humz could be good a good idea...
(note* TT = Tick Tack)
I also want an TT type game but with Sia instead, like story goes sumthing like:
Kikyou appears but in her own form apart from Sia then and a fight
starts between Sia/Kikyou "they fight" on would should get Rin etc:D

could be kinda funny:heh: and naughty:naughty: and scary:uhoh:

well that would be sumthing..good story sumthing like shuffle style way but more into the TT7shuffle game story way

NOTE* i mean the shuffle anime were Rin got to be with Sia pretty often (dates etc) and ofc the only TT¨

something like this pic but the opposite:

SnakeLegend 2006-01-04 05:45

changed script?
let me see...

passin'gass 2006-01-04 16:23

Hi everyone! This has been bubbling in my head the last couple of weeks...its full of cliches, so apologies in advance. It also serves the purpose of maximizing profits for Navel, and employment for its artists:

Before anything else...Shuffle! is the sole intellectual property right of Navel and the they may do whatever they want with the details below, including completely ignoring it.

Season One, Alternate Ep. 23-24
Asa escapes from the hospital and Rin chases after her, its raining heavily and he spots her across the street. He runs across and BAM! gets hit by a car (drunk driver).
Asa tries to heal/resurrect Rin, but being inexperienced in her power only partially succeeds while the strain is too much, too soon. She also collapses.
Sia, Nerine, Kareha, Primula (with a very reluctant Kaede the interface bet. the two) completes the healing but with a side-effect of them all becoming Soul-Linked(get it?)

Season Two, Ep. 1-13 (Rin age 21-22)
Basically deals with who he marries first (not Asa), and who he gets pregnant out of wedlock (again not Asa). Its how he finally blunders into becoming the Crown Prince of the God and Demon Realms (apologies to AAA & KKR). Eustoma and Forbesii (to keep the political heat down) explain to Rin that he needs to prove himself (big time!) in order to take the Thrones in the future.

Season Three, Ep. 1-26 (Rin age 30-39)
Netherworld Arc Ep. 1-6
Rin has joined the Wormhole Exploration Team (ala Stargate SG-1) after graduation [edit: is the gateway really a wormhole?] and gets his expedition team in big trouble by stumbling into the Nether Realm. Long story short, most of the expedition gets killed, Rin becomes Overlord (at a heavy price, nether magic is highly corrosive for its non-native user) and Kareha dies and is reborn (literally!) by Nerine.

Filler Episodes 7-9

Elven Lands Arc Ep. 9-22
Five elf races, five power crystals, a 100 year civil war, and whoever gets all etc, etc...enter Rin. He gets betrayed left and right (Earth & Faerie), Kaede dies and Rin goes Godzilla on everyone. Primula creates the (permanent) control crystal out of the five and restores peace.

Rin's Choice Ep. 23
Handling four different types of magic and governing five realms is destroying Rin body, mind and soul. His body is sealed in a massive containment chamber with clone Rin-dolls to handle admin affairs. Rin knows he is dying and has to make a choice.

Reshuffle Ep. 24
1,000 years in the past all five realms diverged, never to interact.
30 years in the past a car engine inexplicably dies, and three people are saved from death
And a 9 year old Rin remembers everything, sticks like glue to Kaede, and begins planning the future

Survivors Ep. 25-26
A few seconds before Rin's Choice and the End of the old reality, Primula gathers the surviving Soul-Linked and the children and sends everyone to the focus of the new reality, Rin and Kaede's home (note Rin travelled backward, Prim sideways). Everyone is changed in the transition, since Earth is completely without magic (no more long ears) and Primula lost her memory reverting back to 16 years old. Rin gets the psycho-SEED-kaede treatment when Kaede realizes the childhood stories Rin used to tell really are true, their children are more accepting of the situation especially the eldest who is attracted to Primula (note Kaede & Rim-chan never married Rin in the old reality)

Thoughts, anyone? First post BTW.

Searcher 2006-01-04 16:56

I am just wondering why Nerine/sia dad's are allowing their daughter to marry someone human:confused:

Shouldn't they marry someone who is a demon/god, because there princesses, whose husband will take over their world.

Searcher 2006-01-04 17:02

That's the story as it is now in shuffle, i was just wondering why?

passin'gass 2006-01-04 17:41

And that's my pet peeve!!! If I could come up with this in two weeks, what the HELL were Navel's writers doing the past two years???

Could'nt they seamlessly integrate the games, anime and other things like LucasArts (movies, TV, anime, games, toys) or even Marvel?

Too many cooks (decision-makers/ego-trippers) spoiling the broth, I guess...

Ikusa_shounen 2006-01-04 17:47

just so you know Navel dident release the Anime
It was WOWOW who released it
with a hook up with Kadokawa..

passin'gass 2006-01-05 15:41

Was just reading the Episode 24 thread...

Damn!!! So close, yet so far (see above first post about the car thingie). I mean, if Asa never used all that pent-up magic is it really believable for her to be able to do a controlled healing, in her wasted condition?

SnakeLegend 2006-01-08 04:41

what about having Shuffle! + Midori Days XD

RiXeD 2006-01-09 14:42


Originally Posted by SnakeLegend
what about having Shuffle! + Midori Days XD

If there was such a thing, I would kill some people

SnakeLegend 2006-01-10 08:42

hmmm... kill some people huh....
what about Shuffle! + Love Hina + Shadow Skills + FMP + FMA?

Setsuna Asuka 2006-01-10 20:02

That story blows big time<_<

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