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Aristophanes 2006-01-09 00:13

Direct downloads
Is it worth installing a direct download programme to handle direct downloads, I'm using Firefox. Any suggestions?

Kurz 2006-01-09 00:20

Dont really see the reason the need to use them since Firefox supports pausing. Plus if your download fails mid download There is a function to start off again where you last downloaded.

My major problem with most downloaders is that they come with pesky spyware which I rather not have gum up my system.

Now most downloads open various connections to the servers to download 4 pieces or more at the same time then merge them together. I noticed the first time I used them though it does a diservice to them as well others trying to get stuff from their servers.

Note: Some server handlers are getting smart with this issue and actually corrupt your download if you try using a downloader.

All in all dont use one.

Nicholi 2006-01-09 00:45

Using Firefox's 'FlashGot' plugin with the download manager 'FlashGet' I've found is very nice. I usually keep Firefox's manager as the default however, and I use FlashGet in special circumstances when I need to download everything of a certain type from a webpage. Or if I want to queue up multiple items to download, but only process one download at a time. It has quite a few other nifty options as well. One of which is splitting a single download into multiple segments as Kurz mentioned, however you can turn this off just as easily as on.

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