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theanimedude 2006-01-12 07:41

SLI question?
Hey, i have an XPS400 from Dell and i was wondering if i had SLI compatibility?
3 PCI slots

1 PCIe x 1 slot

1 PCIe x 4 slot

1 PCIe x 16 (graphics) slot

It seems that i have more than one pcie slot so i thought maybe i DO have SLI. But i know nothing of SLI... =(

Oh sucks!!! i installed their new patch update, "software distribution 2.0" and it messed up everything!!! i couldnt open my computer or play any of my video. i had to do a quick system restore. stupid windows....

Eeknay 2006-01-12 09:19

IIRC you need two 16x slots.

theanimedude 2006-01-12 13:43

wow that incredibly sucks....

ok thanks!

AOforever1 2006-01-13 01:31

Why didn't u build your own rig?
Dell rigs aren't the best ...

theanimedude 2006-01-13 07:48


Originally Posted by AOforever1
Why didn't u build your own rig?
Dell rigs aren't the best ...

because it was cheap as hell......

check it out:

xps 400,

intel pentium Dual Core 2.8ghz
1gb pc-5300
80gb HD Raid
ati x300 se radeon 128mb, yea thats why i wanted a new vid card
dvd reader cd burner
17inch ULTRA Sharp LCD monitor

all of that with shipping and handling and tax = $781.00

Ledgem 2006-01-13 14:22

Just a general information post: People with a high level of knowledge regarding computer parts can generally get the most for their money because they know what to buy specifically, on the individual component level, and they also know what a good deal is (often, from shopping around enough, they also know where to get the stuff for the best prices).

Computers from retailers are mixed bag. For high-performance systems, it is definitely more expensive than if you were to build it yourself. For regular systems, it's usually cheaper to get it from a retailer. This is for two reasons: the retailers often get special volume-purchase deals, and they use lower-grade components than what most PC enthusiasts would prefer.

It sounds to me like theanimedude got a pretty nice deal, considering that DELL monitors are pretty highly regarded and that alone could cost $200-300 on its own. Of course, if you were looking to build a high-performance system, you might have been better off hand-picking each component, shopping around, and then connecting everything yourself. It's something to consider for future upgrades.

RaistlinMajere 2006-01-13 17:54

It depends on the chipset. The 4x slot is enough for a video card.

Asfad 2006-01-13 23:39

It depends on the motherboard. You will know if it supports SLI or not because theres a SLI mode selector in the form of a switchcard or jumpers on the motherboard.

From your description of the motherboard, it probably doesn't support SLI, especially considering how cheap you got it.

It's also worth noting that its not worth getting SLI unless you buy top of the line or very near it. You can get similar performance from one card if you don't spend a lot of money on both of the cards

Komataguri 2006-01-13 23:55

To build on what Ledgem said.

Low cost/low quality parts include things that DESTROY your performance

Such as PC2100 ram [ DDR266 ], and 5400rpm harddrives, running ata60 or ata100 [ 100 isn't as big of a hindrance as 60 is ]

They often use proprietary motherboards that come from the lowest bidder

RaistlinMajere 2006-01-14 02:13

Well, this is off topic, but you shouldn't be buying PATA hard drives anymore, anyway.

Asfad has a good point, though. I laugh when I see people talk about putting like 6600GTs in SLI.

Lexander 2006-01-14 06:55

Even though I have an SLI motherboard, SLI seems like a waste of money. More power consumption ... for not that much performance gain.
A sinlge higher end card will give you more value.

Unless a year from now I find a bargain deal for a second card ... there is really no point to it. You gain about 60% perfornance with a second card.

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