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Mentar 2003-11-05 16:47

Prediction: Story progress in episode 6
To divert from the religious wars whether or not Mitsuki is a demon or angel a bit ;) ...

Anyone willing to make predictions what's going to happen in episode 6?

What will be the aftereffects of Haruka's coma?

How will the characters deal with it?

How will this affect the relationships between the characters?

Any takers ? :D

PS: People who have played the game already, please don't spoil and stay out of this thread in order not to ruin things for the others, okay?

Breogan 2003-11-05 16:55

I think it will start with Takayuki going to see Haruka in the hospital, and Mitsuki won't go to avoid facing Akane.
Maybe this will create some tension between Mitsuki and Takayuki, since they can't tell her they are going out.

1stStrike 2003-11-05 17:06

I really don't know. It's all a big mystery :confused:

Mentar 2003-11-05 18:04

Hmmm ... I don't think so. After all, it was Mitsuki who literally dragged Takayuki to the hospital, and who shoved him to get close to Haruka.

Okay, my shot into the blue to start with:

1) I'd expect the "time stopped for Haruka" complication to resurface somehow. Takayuki/Mitsuki will have to go into "pretend mode" so that Haruka doesn't realize what has happened (and consecutively, how much time has passed)

2) Takayuki will do what he does best: Being indecisive while being caught in the middle.

3) Akane will push the both of them hard to get Takayuki back to Haruka. Another rash guilt trip delivered to Mitsuki will hit her hard enough to agree at least to "pretend mode".

4) Mitsuki will return to what she does best: Agree to play "nothing has happened", probably even encouraging Takayuki to do this, and suffer like hell while nobody is looking.

5) Haruka will be her caring sweet self and try to comfort Takayuki, who will be shaking in the wind.

How's that for a start?

GUTB_ 2003-11-05 20:19

I think they'll start fast-forwarding a bit as Haruka continues her rehab. I think they'll probably start with Haruka finally back on her feet.

There's also some room for more flashbacks, specifically dealing with the eyar immediately after the accident. They could show some things like Akane's development and her growing attachment to Narumi during this period. Deal with some general Mitsuki angst, maybe bring Shinji into it a bit, etc. Although I think there's a good chance they'll hold off on the flashbacks for future eps.

I don't know if they'll do this but...Narumi and Mitsuki levels with Haruka, and she takes it like a soldier but begins to cry. THey move in to comfort her, and then she suddenly stops, having forgotten al about the conversation. Cut the shot of their horrified expressions as they realize that telling her is meanigless as all that will happen is to make her suffer, over and over again. So they decide to pretend that nothing has changed.

ZGMF-10A 2003-11-05 21:21

i think Hakura will want to go back outside and go to the art gallary thingy...... takayuki will tell her that the thing is over maybe go next year..... . damn i don't know what else can happen........ but whatever it is i bet it will blow my mind........

u&t 2003-11-06 08:48

There could be more flashbacks but I don't think they'll fastforward yet. They will set up the inevitable Mitsuki Takayuki breakup that should happen in either this or the next episode.

If they separate the main characters now they'll be on even footing in the later part of the series. They must get Mitsuki (temporarily) out of the picture. Othervise I don't see how they'll be able to give Haruka much screentime.

Mentar 2003-11-06 12:45

GUTB: What a wicked idea (using Haruka's short-time amnesia like this) ... I'd expect this scene to take a longer while before happening (though if they jump ahead in time again, it might be just around the corner, you never know with this one), but that would be brilliant ... and cruel at the same time.

Well, someone once told me that a good story writer needs to be cruel and rip apart the lives of the main characters for maximum effect. That would be ... evil. And soooo powerful.

Durandal 2003-11-06 14:39

Haruka is pretty messed up in the head now. I don't know what will happen, but seeing as how she forgets things that happened 5 minutes before it could get very interesting.

z-kun 2003-11-06 19:07

Finally i got to see ep5 >_<

Now i think i'm becoming a _long haired_ Mitsuki fanboy [although i'm pretty dedicated to Haruka]. Akane comes pretty close too...

Impressive how the plot is thought so that you can't really side with a certain person. I forsee and prepare myself for the 3 major hard crashes in the feelings of Haruka, Akane and Mitsuki {since Narumi still remains a mindless zombie} ::

1. Major crash of Haruka when she finds out how much time passed and what happened between Narumi & Mitsuki

2. Major crash of Mitsuki when she will be rejected by Narumi who will have a renewed crash on Haruka. In this category we can put the other version - Mitsuki sacrificing her feelings again for Narumi and leaving him to stay with Haruka {who still doesn't know how much time passed}

3. Major crash of Akane when she will find out what happened in the hospital in the day Narumi was asked not to visit Haruka anymore, and its implications {Mitsuki - caught in the act}

Sidenote: observe the contrast now between Haruka's previous short hair and Mitsuki's long hair, and the current inverted situation. {besides, long haired Hayase rulz. Long haired Haruka too. Ah, and long haired Akane as well} :heh: :heh: :heh:

I'm really looking forward to seeing ep 6 :heh:

lordwu 2003-11-07 15:00

Episode 6 will probably focus on Haruka recovering from coma and also how everybody else reacts to her awakening. One thing is for sure, this will be another super depressing episode. :(

Edit: By reaction I meant the initial reaction and the shock they encountered when they learned and saw that Haruka's time was setback to 3 years ago. They will try their best to conceal the truth to Haruka but also found it's very difficult to do so.

Jinx626 2003-11-07 17:20

What i think we could see in episode 6 is some Takayuki and Mitsuki relationship development (this i think is lacking in the anime so far compared to the game). Haruka's lack of sense of time and recovery from her coma will also be a factor in this episode which will lead to the decision for Takayuki and Mitsuki to role play for a bit for Haruka's sake.

A prediction out of left field is an Akane side story and how she developed feelings for Takayuki.....

GUTB_ 2003-11-07 19:21

LOL. I almost want to see the Akane happy ending...messed up big.

lordwu 2003-11-09 04:31

Episode 6 raw seems to be floating around now. Let's see whose prediction hit the mark. ;)

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