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bakugan sharingan 2003-12-13 19:13

This is tooooooooo slow HELP!
:help: I trying to download episodes 1-10 (group K-f) of OP... but its taking tooooooooo long!!! :frustrated: Can anyone leave their 1-10 episode download window open so this will go faster? Thanks! :bow:

IPv6 2003-12-13 21:07

I been at it for a week+, trying to get epi 1-10 :( . currently at 83%

Lord Raiden 2003-12-13 21:18

You're only seeing slow speeds because so many people are so low on the download scale. If more of them were closer to the top your speeds would go faster. I've seen that from my own experiences. It's not how many seeds you have, but rather how close everyone is to the top compared to you. I've pulled in excess of 500kps off a torrent one time simply because most of the people were nearly done or done and I was very close to the bottom, so I didn't have anyone who was technically lower than me to seed to really. So since all I could do perty much was just leach, that's what I did and the speeds were awesome. :)

dythim 2003-12-14 01:19

I'll try to seed x_x. Ikimasu.

Mr. Bushido 2003-12-14 02:28

everyone who watches it has passed eps 1-10, however, these posts prove its more popular, and soon more ppl will seed it. Itll be a like a big boom soon enough. I cant wait till this forum makes the naruto forum bow. hahaha
shichibukai > Sannin

Tommy 2003-12-14 03:45

The first 3 batches I downloaded all went really slow it took about 5 days to complete them. However the one I started this morning is currently at 85% It has been going at an average speed of 50kb which was way faster then the other 3 batches. I hope the next batch I dl goes this smoothly.

TetrFlare 2003-12-14 04:31

I've only downloaded 57Mb off Episode 1-10 while i've uplaoded over 900Mb... I've left it on for like 3days... It's real bad.

The other episodes are quite the same for me.

Jn183 2003-12-14 10:41

Why don't you guys use Dc++? K-f with another group have a bot that is T1 and could let about 20user donwload simultaneously. K-f even post it on their site. It's somewhat like IRC but more user friendly. I finished 1-50 in 1 day or so. I avg. around 130kb-160k/b

Nine Devil 2003-12-14 18:28

wow nice to know about i got till episode 40 always 300 kb/s and higher but 41-50 just kills me!

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