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Morisato 2006-01-18 02:02

Hellsing Ultimate OVA
Can't seem to find the OVA thread for it.

Anyone find the name of the opening song funny? It's called "Broken English", wonder if it pokes fun at the opening song of the first series cause that song was seriously broken english.

eggplant 2006-01-22 13:52

Just saw the aired digest version, even though "digest" may be stretching its meaning, as it is half the length of the OVA, but it sure is action packed.

One word will describe my thoughts about this, which would be WOW!

This is the Hellsing I've been waiting for, in terms of faithfully following the manga, unlike the TV version.

And the broadcast codes don't come into effect with its release as an OVA, meaning lots of gore a la Elfen Lied.

Seras hacking down ghouls made me think of Resident Evil in a way, but I definitely like her character.

And of course, Nakata Jouji being at his best with Alucard certainly is a positive note.

There were no songs in the digest version, so can't answer Morisato's (btw, I attended an event today with Kikuko-neesan making an appearance) question.

Looking forward to the OVA release, and hope that it is serialized.

MrProphet 2006-01-22 14:07

How much did they cover in the digest?

eggplant 2006-01-22 18:32


Originally Posted by MrProphet
How much did they cover in the digest?

The digest was intended as a trailer for the OVA volume 1 on sale Feb 10, thus leaving out the climatic scenes.

However, more than 20 minutes of the OVA was aired, and even if this was an edited excerpt of it, I construe it to be rather substantial.

I won't probe into how far the plot was covered, as I don't know for sure, and don't want to spoil it for others, but the whole Hellsing story will not be completed in one volume, and besides, the OVA is titled Hellsing I.

I hear that volume two will be out sometime in spring, so I would expect the series to continue, otherwise they wouldn't need a series composer (Kuroda Youske btw), probably requiring about 6 volumes in order to conclude the story.

Kurogane_Shiroikaze 2006-01-23 02:53

OVA 1 Opinion and Screencaps

Ah... no wonder. I was kinda thinking that the episode was kinda lacking. But still, it was a fine watch :).

MrProphet 2006-01-23 03:21

Watched it... so, for the preview of the main scenes, it was ok. We'll see what the final product looks like.

As for the plot, they went as far as...


kari-no-sugata 2006-01-23 06:22

The digest covered vol 1 chapters 1 and 4-6.
Chapter 2 is "master of monster" (how Alucard and Integra first met) and "murder club" - Seras's first mission basically.

I wonder if the full version will cover any of chapters 2 or 3? It's certainly possible - "murder club" could take only 5 minutes. I don't think the cut scenes from the chapters shown in the digest will pad out the rest of the full OVA. Maybe "master of monster" will be left for volume 2 or later?

The digest was a little weird - some parts were animated very nicely, some seemed cut short (well, it IS a digest). The brief scene with Seras acting a little weird/funny on waking up was interesting (but should vampires show up in mirrors?) though felt a bit awkward at times. Still, I do prefer the slightly more girl-ish and goofy Seras from the manga, compared to the Seras from the TV series, and it looks like we'll be getting the Seras I prefer.

Overall, it was very faithful to the original manga, though not boringly so.

PS I wish they'd taken the opportunity to fix up the police uniforms. I don't think any UK forces look like that, particularly armed ones (normal police are not armed). It was like they were US of French police...

darkchibi07 2006-01-23 06:52

I'll wait until Geneon releases this. I'm REALLY hoping that they hire New Generation Pictures for this and get the original VAs to reclaim their roles because they were far more superior. :D

Guido 2006-01-23 10:25


Those pics.....

Can't describe!

This is how Hellsing was meant to be on TV format. The characters are delightfully psychotic and insane in every square inch.

Integra was given a bit of mad scientist flair on her persona, and Seras totally loses it that until getting a bit misfortunate.

But Arukaado blows the roof. It will be boring for him to just be the monster, that's why he switches from one moment to the next into psychosis mode.

beansprouts 2006-01-23 10:32

Oh wow, the screencaps looks great, yep the characters definitely had a more pyschotic feel to them than the TV series. Definitely looking forward to this one.

I like the super deformed that was used, watched the TV series of Hellsing a long time ago but I don't think there were SD used.

I'm glad Arucard did not lose any of his coolness, or at least from the screencaps he looked as cool as ever.

Heh, this should be a fun ride.

Guido 2006-01-23 10:46

The quality for the ghouls is astounding.

They look like the possessed Deadites from the very first Evil Dead film.

Mr_Paper 2006-01-23 22:47

Just finished watching the Digest version.

First, I LOVE zombies and ghouls and those rank as the single best example of cell shaded zombies/ghouls I have ever seen. :love: They've made vast improvements in terms of animation when it comes to the ghouls, they're no longer those greyish people that wonder about. They have body parts missing, knawed off, skin peeled away to reveal bone and underlying tissue in places and generally just look like they're oozing. Their movements are more believable and the sounds they make are just spooky.

Now, the animation quality as a whole is very well done. There are places where it could be better with a number of slight inconsistencies in appearences and shapes but the special effects and CG employed take you mind away from that. The use of CG is actually pretty obvious but well done (Alucard misting and turning to bats) however the transitions between the CG scenes and normal animation is a bit lacking in my opinion, it just does mesh together well. Perhaps its because of the fact that they edited this release to condense it and the flow issues will be better handled in the full release.

Sound, I think the word for it is... orgasmic. Yeah, that sounds about right. ^^;
It works, almost too well in places. From the scuffing of feet to the sounds the ghouls make, it's all handled perfectly. In the forest scenes, it sounds like you're there, at the boarding house, you can hear the floor boards creaking. It is very comparable to playing Resident Evil in a dark room with a good sound system. The vocal talent for the primary characters has been left unaltered, Alucard still sounds as evil as ever, Seras and Integral still sound the same. Now, this might be a disappointment for some but all traces of the original (TV) soundtrack have vanished. It is now all orchestra music.

Now, the part most people are curious about, new animation and in particular, new scenes! There are scenes that were handled differently or approached from different perspectives but those aren't what I'm interested. I'm looking at original content only.
Spoiler for Because some people might not have seen/read the anime/manga:
I can't wait to see the full edition. ^^

SuperAsuradaGundam 2006-01-24 15:32

I've hever watch Hellsing, nor read the magna, but I have been witing ofr this OVA for a while, and after looking at the screenshots, I just wnat to say that THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

Mr_Paper 2006-01-24 15:54

What the looks of it, your first time seeing Hellsing as it is presented here might be so great you can never go back and watch the original TV series without being somewhat disappointed. >.<

H3LLF1R3 2006-01-24 16:10

ive seen some episodes and its awesome you guys have to watch it..and the ghouls..they scare the hell outta me lol

Snoop' 2006-01-24 19:02

Seriously, am I the only one to have been HUGELY DISAPPOINTED by this thing ?

I have watched the Gonzo series, I have read the manga (in Japanese), and what I see is that the new OVA series stays extremely close to the original manga, which is IMO a bad move as the first volumes of Hellsing are awkward : rushed tempo, overly theatrical lines, etc.
I mean, something that might look cool in a manga is just ridiculous when put into animation... The "yessss master, my master" line is a perfect example. That was ludicrous. Everything, especially Andersen, was sooooooo overdone. The ghouls and the vampire were gross, Alucard had a psychopath face, same goes for Walter and Andersen...

And most of all, I can't stress enough the loss of Ishii, who composed an awesome OST for the previous series. Here we have some generic film music, badly used direction-wise IMO, and this takes away all the coolness of Hellsing. The show now looks, how should I put it, too formatted for the US market...
No, really, they should have kept the composer, and Gonzo too, because even though they sucked for the series, their sense of style is unsurpassed.

Well well, I guess I'll get used to the new Hellsing, but for the moment being, the only thing I can say is : it sucks.

orion 2006-01-24 23:44

I've watched Digest and all I can say is "Wow! What a difference a big budget and less programming restrictions make!"


I don't miss the original music all. This current selection makes the series darker imo.

@Snoop' : You gotta give it a chance! This was just a promo after all.

Kurogane_Shiroikaze 2006-01-25 04:33


Originally Posted by Snoop'
And most of all, I can't stress enough the loss of Ishii, who composed an awesome OST for the previous series. Here we have some generic film music, badly used direction-wise IMO, and this takes away all the coolness of Hellsing. The show now looks, how should I put it, too formatted for the US market...
No, really, they should have kept the composer, and Gonzo too, because even though they sucked for the series, their sense of style is unsurpassed.

I agree with on the loss of the original composer. The best part of the Gonzo's Hellsing for me was the OST, which I had a big addiction on when I first heard it. Admittedly, the Gonzo version had style too, but it's useless with a bad storyline.

I'd say give Hellsing Ultimate a chance, yes, the first few chapters of the manga are bad, but what great manga series' aren't? Let it grow first, the later parts will definitely blow everyone away, esp. Londoners

Kurapica 2006-01-25 19:29

From what i've understood the tv series had nothing to do with the manga. So does this OVA start where the manga starts?

Commander 598 2006-01-25 19:43

Having watched the preview, I give props to the sound crew. They've managed to add the most realistic gunshots and general firearms effects i've ever heard in an anime. Not to mention footsteps...

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