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stretch87 2006-01-28 04:22

weird problem playing h.264
I have only downloaded one h.264, the elfen lied ova which is an MKV file, and i can't get it to play properly. vlc opens it, it plays for bit, but becomes choppy quite quickly. then there is this popup --->"VLC media player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

i have not had a problem playing ANY other video file besides this one since going through the animesuki playback guide, so i'm thinking it might be a hardware issue. these are my computer specs:

- xp sp2
- pentium III 997 MHz, 512 MB of RAM

I don't know how to check my other stuff like the video card and what not...

these are the codecs that i have installed:

- DivX
- Direct show Ogg Vorbis Filter
- Matroska Pack
- VobSub v2.23
- Real Alternative 1.44
- AC3 Filter

i'm also using the latest VLC beta (0.8.5) or what ever

So is my pc just too crappy to play these files or can we fix the problem without any upgrading?

TheFluff 2006-01-28 08:46

First off, for the 15234643th time: VLC DOES NOT USE ANY EXTERNAL COMPONENTS. It doesn't matter if you followed A-suki's playback guide or not if you're using VLC, because it just doesn't care.

Second, that's a mess of codecs you have there. The Matroska pack should already have installed VSFilter, which replaces VobSub 2.23 (which should never be used), and an AC3 decoder, which replaces AC3filter. I'd recommend uninstalling everything and following A-suki's guide, or just getting CCCP.

Third: your computer is on the border for H.264 playback. If VLC behaves like that, I'd say it's too slow (that's VLC for you... if the computer is too slow, it just crashes). Nevertheless, you can try A-suki's playback guide and see if it works. If it still lags, you're more or less out of luck, unless you try CoreAVC or something similiar.

Maceart 2006-01-29 13:15

Mplayer will run H.264 on my Pentium III 128 mb ram computer, so give that a try if you haven't yet.

ChristianHJW 2006-02-12 12:33

By far the fastest option to play h.264 is the win32 build of TCPMP, The Core Pocket Mediaplayer from (get the 'Windows Desktop' Version ).

The player was designed for portable devices, you can play full res h.264 encodes on a normal Pocket PC with it. BTW, CoreAVC, currently the fastest DirectShow based h.264 decoder filter (about 40% faster than ffdshow) is based on the TCPMP h.264 decoder library !

IMPORTANT : There are two different plugins for the player, to decode h.264 :

ffmpg.plg : this is normal FFMPEG used for decoding, it doesnt offer any significant speed advantage compared to ffdshow and a normal DShow player

avc.plg : this is the very fast decoder plugin, Google is your friend ;) ....

If your MKV will contain AAC audio with the h.264 video (it likely does), you need the AAC decoder plugin for TCPMP, being called 'aac.plg' (Google and ED2k are your friends ;) ). The guys had to remove it from the package, as they are currently unable to pay the cap for AAC decoding to MPEG-LA.

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