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Geffrod 2006-01-29 21:16

Wow. It has been a long time.
It was at least 1 year ago today that I watched the first episode of Monster. Actually, just now , I went to and realized that I've been waiting FAR longer than I previously anticipated. Anidb says that it was slated to go from "07.04.2004 till 28.09.2005", which means that I've probably been waiting for a year and a half. Anyways, I want to know how Monster has changed everyones life over this long period of time. Everyone that I know likes to "bust my balls" about Monster because they know I like it so much. And when I'm tired I watch a previously played episode of Monster and contemplate what Johan is thinking at that current time. I could honestly say that staying clear of the manga was the most difficult thing that I've ever had to do (anime-wise, that is.)

It's a damn shame the series is over. I'm about 31% into episode 69 --going at a speed of 8kbps-- and I am going to watch em' all in order to the end!!


ed. Post once you've seen all the episodes.

Blaat 2006-01-30 17:12

I have to shamefully admit it will be hard for me. I've been following this show since episode 1 was fansubbed by Soldats IIRC way back in April 2004. After almost two years, well one year 9½ months to be exact, of great, amazing, boring, interesting, sad, hopeful, action packed, tense, emotional, confused and many other words to describe what I felt during that time while watching Monsters...its finally over :(

It will be hard deleting the "Monster" folder I'm almost tempted to download the first 70 episodes just to rewatch everything :heh:

Here's hoping to a succesfull Monster movie. :)

Fighter Volk 2006-01-30 17:51

Monster has done lots for me. I, too, watched the first episode when ToTan subbed it. I bought the entire manga series shortly thereafter but am proud to say that I never gave in and read ahead. It's been a wild, wild, but unbelievably wonderful ride for me. I'll miss it horribly once it's over, that's for sure...

It's hard to say exactly how I'll feel when it's over, but it'll certainly be a change...

Iren 2007-09-01 07:49

I like Monster very much too.Just like all of you.I always happy if my friend say that they are like Monster(maybe you'll think I'm crazy).But only one of my friends said she's like Monster.
Sometimes I watch the anime again.There are many mysteries in Monster.Until I can solve it,I will watch the anime or read the manga again and again.:D

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