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Catgirls 2006-01-31 12:32

Kashimashi Episode 1 Discussion/Poll
Welcome to this week's Episode of Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~. :)

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Example: Using Spoiler Tags is easy. Using this...

[spoiler=Hazumu and Yasuna]Hazumu and Yasuna are in love with Asuta.[/spoiler]

....will get you this...

Spoiler for Hazumu and Yasuna:

Sian 2006-01-31 14:28

voted for 8 ... even though it got some very minor 'flaws' (like can't see Hazumu's eyes, (know its intented but still)) it is far better than i expected for a random pickup with nothing than a single interesting review about it

stevency 2006-02-01 22:46

7 outta 10, because the pacing is a bit rough for such an interesting story.

I'd personally adding 0.5 marks more, if there is a choice like that, for it awesome Engrish. :D

Yay for the great "What the hack?!" moment.

KaneDragon 2006-02-01 23:46

(repost from the generic thread)

I just watched the first episode...
Spoiler for What was going through my mind during all NASA and Alien scenes:

Move zig! :D :D

Yeah... The NASA lines were a little awkward...

Jaden 2006-02-04 11:18

Mood was all serious and stuff, then aliens from outer space come that...
Since it's such a forcibly installed plot device there could be more humor involved.
Still, it had me laughing if only for the goofiness.

JediNight 2006-02-04 13:25

A little FYI to people. but I'm fairly sure the Japanese meant NORAD, not NASA. The kanji reads: North American Aerospace Defense HQ .... so it makes more sense that it would be NORAD, and not NASA (who afaik only tracks the shuttle, etc.)

Yazakura 2006-02-12 16:04

Hmm...Hazumu's turning out to be a pretty loveable umm...he/she to me? :heh: Anyway, I was wondering...about that girl who rejected Hazumu...was it because he's a guy? Once his gender changed, does that mean this girl will feel more comfortable around Hazumu?

KaneDragon 2006-02-12 16:26

The answer to your question lies in the third episode. Though I was better able to understand it because I read some manga spoilers in the old generic discussion thread...^^
Spoiler for in a nutshell (not so much a spoiler :p ):

Spoiler for the deal with Yasuna... once again - Episode 3+:

Akuma-sama 2006-02-12 16:37

AHHH! UNDEAD! *shoots the zombie thread*

KaneDragon 2006-02-12 16:42

Oh, come on, be fair, now. It's episode 1 discussion, it doesn't zombify that easily. ^^ It's like maintaining present tense with book citations...

Now me posting in the Tenshi na Konamaiki thread about the first episode 2+ years post mortem... I'll concede that one... ^^

physics223 2006-02-17 18:34

I like Kashimashi. I was smiling the whole time while watching, and have downloaded 3-5 straight. OMG. This series rocks ...

I like the premise. I like the ladies. That is so cool. :)

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