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Gunboat Diplomat 2006-02-07 23:10

[Manga] Sasuke is still the most popular character!
Much to my surprise, despite not being in the manga at all, anymore, Sasuke is still the most popular Naruto character, according to the latest popularity poll.

Furthermore, Naruto's popularity has actually fallen back to fourth place. I've never seen him so unpopular before. It's quite interesting. Then again, Iruka is still in fifth place, so who knows what's up with these polls...

Lastly, I also find it interesting that Deidara is so popular, at third place.

Anyway, I think it's good that people are still eagerly awaiting Sasuke's return!

Rachy 2006-02-07 23:14

Is there anyone else who could be number 1 ? ;)

yay for sasuke :p.

Zek 2006-02-07 23:26

Naruto is probably losing popularity because Kishimoto spent a whole year in Part 2 without showing anything particularly impressive out of him at all. So far his growth over the past 3 years seems pretty pathetic. By using Kyuubi powerups as a plot mechanic to make him seem comparable to the main villains, Kishimoto is making him look like a chump in his normal form.

In a nutshell, Sasuke is still popular because he hasn't disappointed anyone.

naruto123 2006-02-07 23:56

Who could ever beat Sasuke?

Ryuujin 2006-02-08 00:15

Fangirls are to blame for that debacle of a poll, I'm sure of it.

Zek 2006-02-08 00:40


Originally Posted by Ryuujin
Fangirls are to blame for that debacle of a poll, I'm sure of it.

Yeah, all those girls that read shounen manga...

sayde 2006-02-08 00:58

So which character was voted 2nd most popular? And just out of my own curiosity, did Hinata even rank? :heh:

Gunboat Diplomat 2006-02-08 01:05


Originally Posted by sayde
So which character was voted 2nd most popular? And just out of my own curiosity, did Hinata even rank? :heh:

1. Sasuke
2. Kakashi
3. Deidara
4. Naruto
5. Iruka (why?)
6. Sasori
7. Garaa
8. Neji
9. Yondaime
10. Shikamaru
11. Itachi
12. Sakura

Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese, so I don't know how Hinata ranked...

Vallen Chaos Valiant 2006-02-08 01:23


Originally Posted by Zek
Yeah, all those girls that read shounen manga...

You make it sound like guys don't read Shoujo manga...:confused:

Palani 2006-02-08 01:39


Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant
You make it sound like guys don't read Shoujo manga...:confused:

No, he was being sarcastic about the fact that almost Shounen is a guys-type manga and this is hardly read by girls.

Soma 2006-02-08 03:11

This poll only confirms what I've felt and have said since the beginning.

Naruto is garbage.

He is a pathetic main character, period. The only reason why he ranked up so high in the first place was because he was the main character. Judging him just on his own merits and personality, he is severely lacking. Frankly, it's just getting clear now that people are getting sick and tired of this dumbass, and are awaiting the TRUE main character in this series.

Honestly it's pretty telling that Sasuke not only is the one thing that's saving this manga in the first place (which the creator of the series said HIMSELF), not only is his character much more INTERESTING and not as PATHETIC as Naruto, but he is also the #1 favorite in Japan (where their opinions actually matter) as well as Masashi Kishimoto's (the creator's) favorite character.

Naruto is a completely typical and retarded shonen main character that even fails at being in the top 3 of his own series. He fails at being one of the most likable, which is basically all a shonen main character needs to do. A side character like Deidara who was just shown last arc even managed to beat him. Frankly, Naruto fans everywhere should feel ashamed at how pathetic he is and his pitiful showing here.

It's ridiculous how crappy he is. They should just change the focus of the manga to Sasuke, since that's basically what all the important people want and would make it much more interesting. You can even see how Mr. Masashi treats Sasuke compared to Naruto to get the idea. Sasuke is (and always will be):

-stronger than Naruto (Sasuke's natural potential is the highest in the whole series, surpassing people like the 3rd, the 4th, Itachi, Sakumo, AL, etc. The only reason why Naruto is even managing to stay on his level, and will continue to be around his level is because of Kyuubi. Even with that though, he can't surpass Sasuke)
-smarter than Naruto
-a better ninja than Naruto
-is "cooler" and more "badass" than Naruto in everything
-better looking than Naruto
-has a more tortured past than Naruto
-has a more interesting character
-is more developed with a more interesting story
-and is PREFERRED more by the important fans and the creator of the series himself

Basically Sasuke>>Naruto in everything that matters to a story and to a shonen character. This is why Sasuke is the number one character and will continue to be so (his only challenge will be Kakashi from now on).

Mizuno 2006-02-08 04:16

They should've named the anime Sasuke in the first place, Kishimoto is making Naruto less and less impressive. Other than his determination, he got no jutsus, no brains but just a tactless idiot relying on Kyuubi chakra. Sad.

-KarumA- 2006-02-08 04:45

dont bother, please delete
seems like i pressed the wrong button instead of EDIT
please ignore or delete this :heh: sorry

-KarumA- 2006-02-08 04:46


Originally Posted by Gunboat Diplomat
2. Kakashi

well glad that Kakashi is atleased higher then Naruto :heh:
it doent matter to me what all of you are saying, Naruto is one of my fav's i like Naruto and Sasuke, but Naruto a bit more then Sasuke, i have my own reasons.. i wont tell them cause im sure people will go all negative and tell me otherwise :heh:

*not trying to make a comotion*

i still have to see Sasuke in the new chapters, maybe then my opinion will change XD

Syaoran 2006-02-08 05:38

Last poll I've seen (don't remember during what chapter) Sasuke was indeed number one. Naruto came seconds with around 2,000 votes less.

But now, what's really strange, is that Rasengan is the most popular technique in that poll :p Chidori was second.

As for myself, I like Naruto. If you think he's pathetic, maybe you should consider Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. That's a coward and a loser... no matter how you look at him.

Really, I'm convinced that Naruto has some potential as character... maybe it's just a late-bloomer ^^'

Sasuke being number has certainly something to do with these Sasuke x Naruto doujins, fanfics etc where often he's the one in control over Naruto and their relation. They even make him look very kawai and mature at the same time (Naruto too but more naive/innocent ;) ) Personally, I like Sasuke 'cause of he looks cool, but his personality is not something you'd envy. I feel sorry for him.

ShikaShika 2006-02-08 06:41


Originally Posted by Syaoran
Sasuke being number has certainly something to do with these Sasuke x Naruto doujins, fanfics etc where often he's the one in control over Naruto and their relation.


Personally, I like Sasuke the most because he's simply the most interesting character. His character has been developed over every single arc, from loner and arrogant --> sceptic teamplayer --> sacrificing himself for naruto --> acknowledging Naruto during the chuunin test --> actually being scared of naruto when watching him fight gaara --> meets itachi and falls back into his old self, now envious at naruto for growing strong so quickly while he's hardly grown at all (at least in his own mind) --> after that it's just down hill for him. All of that, plus the extensive flashbacks of his childhood.

What does Naruto have? It's just the same old thing over and over. He might develop new skills and fight tougher opponents, but his character remains pretty much the same throughout the whole course of the series. Some might find that charming, but it is kind of dull.

Dez 2006-02-08 07:21


5. Iruka (why?)
Yaoi fangirls.

That's the only reasonable explanation.

Probably also partially explains Diedara (Yes! There's finally someone attractive to slash Itachi with!)

I'm actually more surprised that Shikamaru and Neji both rank higher than Itachi. Particularly Shikamaru, since he's not very bishounen, and only had a small role in Part II so far.

Rachy 2006-02-08 07:34


Yaoi fangirls.
I dont like Iruka :heh:

glad to see deidara up there ... whys yondaime at 9 :(

gibits 2006-02-08 16:09

How did Deidra make 3rd!? How did that thing beat Sasori, Sasori is clearly the better artists. Not to mention alot more "boss" than DD, fans have no taste....

Anyway Naruto stopped being number one the instant Kishi stopped devolping him. Simple as that. Sasuke's popularity skyroketed after the chase arc because Kishi bothered to devolop him.

The good news is that Kishi knows how to flesh out his creations. The bad news is that he made so many interesting characters that the series has lost its focus.

When I liked Naruot the most:
The Wave country arc where he called that kid a crybaby in his own drama.

In the Chuunin arc where he swore to beat Neiji (and did). When he KO'd Gaara and was crawling at him with his chin.

Those were great moments of Naruto, and lately they have been few and far between. His crying for Sasuke isn't very manly at all, like Kabuto said.

Favorite Sasuke moment: when he told Sakura that the pain of loniless was nothing compared to being nagged by parents. Way to put put her in check!
After the chase arc I've come to agree with Sai, Sasuke's a weak punk that betrayed his friends for selfish reasons.

Farorite Sasori moment (he would've gotten my vote this time around): When we found out he made himself into a living puppet. Just thinking that he carved himself up like that freaks me out (in a good way).

Illuyankas 2006-02-08 16:12


Originally Posted by uchiha rave
I dont like Iruka :heh:

glad to see deidara up there ... whys yondaime at 9 :(

You HAVE read a Yellow Flash post, right?

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