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Shii 2003-12-15 19:23

Some sketches
Like everyone else and his dog, I'm working on an amateur manga. Unlike most people, mine is actually going to be free to distribute, and I am trying to put lots of work into it.

Here is a doodle demonstrating what the pictures basically look like when they get scanned in. This is a draft of the last page of the first chapter. (very large picture)
What do you think? Is my drawing OK? :) How would you recommend I CG it?

Ah, here's a "Waha" for everyone as well: (very large picture)

Tzurial 2003-12-15 19:48


I think the sketches look good! very cute
itll look great cleaned be continued...ooh..what will happen?! the suspence ^^

as for how to cg..what do you mean? like style wise or on what program?

Shii 2003-12-15 20:08

Ah, well, I need to get the scans cleaned up somehow, as well as adding some textures, and it doesn't really matter which program as long as I don't have to pay for it (I do have an old copy of Photoshop somewhere).

Oneesama 2003-12-15 20:22

i am always glad to see online works... I love to see more of these ^^ :love: looking good ^^ K.I.U. :)

Vulkar 2003-12-15 20:48

Make sure you keep us updated on your progress. I wanna see how this turns out.

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