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Ilpalazzo-sama 2006-02-09 15:53

Grave of the Fireflies - Live Action (Movie)
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Well, this show is technically Live Action, but it is basicly the movie version of one of the greatest anime movies all the time, Grave of the Fireflies. It has just been released with english sub. I've heard too much bad things about LA shows however I'm surely gonna watch this since the anime version rules so much and the pictures of the movie are promising too.

SilentBob 2006-02-09 18:01

Hm, I watched a subbed version about a month ago. I think it was subbed by SaiyaMan.

But it's a good remake of the anime version, a bit different take on the story though.

ultrataro 2006-02-09 20:00

Well, the anime was based on a novel so this live action wasn't necessarily based on the anime, so I think doesn't suffer so much from some L/A adaptations of anime. & the subject &story also helps keep it from falling into what a lot of L/A adaptations do. It's a pretty good made for TV movie. It doesn't quite have the same power as the anime did, but it's still pretty good, and it's interesting to see the story told from a slightly different viewpoint.

Epoq 2006-02-09 20:53

I'm probably the only person on earth who didn't care about Grave of the Fireflies upon watching it, so...well, I can't say I care too much about a live action version of it.

*puts on armor and does a cross sign*

AMS 2006-02-09 23:18

I will have to check it out.

NoSanninWa 2006-02-10 02:10

Been there. Cried about it.

I think I'll pass on crying again just because it is live action. I don't need to put myself through that again, it was just too sad.

orion 2006-02-10 12:01

I cried too much watching the anime version to be enthusiastic about a LA version. I'll give it a try, though.

beansprouts 2006-02-10 20:48

I cried quite a bit when I watched the anime version as well, but I am definitely giving the Live Action a try since it's a different take on the story. Granted it is probably going to be equally sad, i really want to see Matsushima Nanako playing the aunt.

ForeverGoNe 2006-02-11 08:01

It was hard enough to get by the animated version of it, because of the fact that you would express endless compassion for Kouta.

And now an LA version of it? I've got to see!

grey_moon 2006-02-11 09:19


Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
Been there. Cried about it.

I think I'll pass on crying again just because it is live action. I don't need to put myself through that again, it was just too sad.

Have to agree with you there. I have dl'ed it, but I've not been able to watch it, maybe in the future when I need to prove to myself that I'm still alive I'll give it a go...

When I first watched it I was in a room with a bunch of lads and it was like "lets switch the lights off", "the rooms too smokey lets open a window" and in the end it was just "god damn it whyyyyyyyyy!!!!"

SlugZilla 2006-02-11 12:24

I don't think it's as good nor as compelling as the animated version, but this is just my opinion. They hire some good actors, but it's no movie quality, just a extended drama. The CG fireflys just look cheesy compared to the anime.

Ilpalazzo-sama 2006-02-11 16:54

Geez, after 17 minutes I've just turned it off. It's just too plastic. The backgrounds and the atmosphere gives me a "plastic" feeling as well, I just can not belive that it is happening at 1945. And the whole thing just feels cheesy. It reminds me about those crappy south-american soap-operas somehow. It is a huge disappointment so far. I might give it a try tomorrow...or not. Nevertheless, the anime version is great.

(Disclaimer: This is my first LA show. I might had too much expectations...)

npal 2006-02-11 17:26

Well, I can't find the anime version anywhere, so I can't compare, but I've enjoyed the live action version, it was touching, I was really moved at times, which is good. I don't know about other people's expectations, but for me, it was 2 and a half hours well spent. I was a bit spoiled from the AS forum, but it did make an impression so I guess it was well done.

Millenia 2006-02-12 05:36

I havent watched the anime version but I just watched the 'LA' just now and im still crying :upset:

I cant express my feelings in words or smilies so just picture me crying my eyes out for Seita and Satsuko. :upset:

ultrataro 2006-02-13 18:40

Oh my, then you better wait a long while before watching the anime version. If you thought the LA was making you sad & upset, the anime is by far much more powerful.

Oh, & if this was your first foray into Japanese LA, you may have been expecting too much. Japanese LA usually does not have the big budget polish of US fare (which kind of goes back into the origin of anime being as big as it is, anime was cheaper to make than LA) & often the drama sensibility is different. Often times it seems a bit cheesy to many, although this one didn't really have too much over the top melodrama. This was a made for TV movie, so the observation that it seemed more like a TV dorama would be pretty spot on. I have to admit the CG and effects didn't work too well, didn't give a very good feel of what chaos was really going on, but the story & characters is good. I didn't care for the postscript as i felt they were ramming the message down your throat.


Originally Posted by Millenia
I havent watched the anime version but I just watched the 'LA' just now and im still crying :upset:

I cant express my feelings in words or smilies so just picture me crying my eyes out for Seita and Satsuko. :upset:

navi432001 2006-04-27 10:10

I really enjoyed this Live action remake. Word of warning DONT WATCH IT if you thought the anime was too sad because the the live action is just as sad if not more because its real people. Also they did a great job with following the story and even made it a tad bit better I'd say.

wavey_davey 2006-04-29 17:31

where abouts may I find this subbed? :)

Zu Ra 2007-01-01 18:55

Wow I didnt know about it . I have to watch this , the movie got me all teary eyed and live action will have worser results due to actors . I hope the story has been kept intact .

krstupid 2007-01-06 04:48

any mre seeds for this? im stuck at 93%..

Cheshire Cat 2007-04-21 18:11


Alright, having seen the anime and the live action, I can honestly say that the anime was infinitely better of the two...but I really liked LA Seita's performance more than the anime one...And I may be losing my memory but did the aunt have THAT many people living in her house? The anime showed only a daughter and the dad, but never any other kids that I knew of...

The aunt's performance I think needed some work...I didn't believe she was cruel at times and that it just seemed forced...

I really hate the say it but Setsuko's actress was really...blah...and she wasn't as cute as the anime version...I especially hated the part where she was 'asleep' and then when they were taking the necklace she just all of a sudden wakes up and makes a's like she was trying to catch them in the act but then realized she couldn't do anything but bawl...

The biggest problem with the movie was that it didn't even affect me the way the anime did...the anime actually made me well up with tears, and I really wanted this movie to do the same...but nothing...maybe it was because I hated Setsuko's actress and didn't care...

Lotta cuties in there, though...especially the granddaughter in the beginning...she has a sort of Kaley Cuoco look to her...

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