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pro 2003-12-16 01:22

Shaman King
I need some suggestions before I commit to it. I'm the typical anime fan with a preference in comedy and fighting (like a Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, GTO, Kenshin etc.). Thanks in advance.

NoSanninWa 2003-12-16 02:12

If you like comedy and fighting, then you will probably like Shaman King. It is silly and kinda meandering, but an awful lot of fun. I can't really figure out why I enjoyed it so much since there didn't seem to be anything really special about it, but I just couldn't get enough of this show and wanted more.

Unfortunately it has been licensed so I can't encourage you to download it, but perhaps once it is released on DVD you can buy it. ;)

While waiting for the DVD release I would recommend that you try Get Backers. It has many of the same elements that you seem to enjoy.

Fronzel 2003-12-16 02:14

Well, One Piece.

Slayers, maybe?

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