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Decagon 2006-02-17 02:46

ShizNat and the MO equivalent
I'm sure many of us (men) who finished My HiME were left with a particular tingling sensation whenever we thought of Natsuki and Shizuru doing something that doesn't require the opposite sex. Dojinshi, erogames, and wild imaginations fueled the fathomable and we drew that much closer to the realization of a one-man pleasure cruise down happy lane.

As My Otome leaves little to the imagination between the old pairing, we must persevere in the search for a greater stimulus. Something more forbidden, something fresher, something with less "Shiz" and less "Nat." This is why I propose "TomoNi". Maybe you can call it "ToNi," "NiTo," or something like that, but I don't care. Tomoe x Nina. (Has this been gone over before in the abyss of episode threads?) You have the stoic, stubbornly single-minded girl on one hand, and the psychotic two-faced girl lover on the other. It's like ShizNat without Nat but with someone who wants Shiz. Except probably more complicated.

So! What girl x girl couple (no relationship has to be implied in the story) do you like the best out of the Otome cast? If you like a pair between characters staying on from HiME, then that's fine, too. I'd like to see at least one Otome only character with every pairing, but if you're a die hard Shizuru x Natsuki or Chie x Aoi, then you're entitled to that, too.

Takemi_Ikazuchi 2006-02-17 04:29

I personally hope Tomoe pulls a Shizuru on Shizuru.


and I really dislike the term Shiznat

... It's just sounds.... wrong..

Tempest35 2006-02-17 05:35

Mai/Natsuki! XD

Tomoe/Arika - although it might turn out violent...:heh:

Ichy 2006-02-17 06:19

Arika/Mashiro :D

Miyu/Midori :twitch:


Shiz/Nat :) this pairing is just great, i want to see more Shiznat!! :D

NLTD 2006-02-17 08:26

Apart from the obvious (ShizNat), I'd like to see..

Nao/Natsuki because they were hilarious together in episode 19, and with Natsuki being serious and Nao teasing her I think they'd work
Natsuki/Shizuru/Midori..I couldn't decide who to pair up with Midori, so I chose both :D

Edit: Because numbers confused me :P

l33tz0rd 2006-02-18 17:39

ShizNat FTW!!!1
;__; 2 bad that she's already dead

niwasatou 2006-02-18 17:49

and, of course.. Shizuru/Natsuki <3.


Originally Posted by NLTD
Nao/Natsuki because they were hilarious together in episode 29, and with Natsuki being serious and Nao teasing her I think they'd work

I agree.. but: episode 29, hm? XD sorry, but I found that funny.

btw, l33tz0rd.. your ava.. lmao.

l33tz0rd 2006-02-18 18:41

Tomoe/Miya/Natsuki/Shizuru would be niceee~
Arika/Mashiro seems fine 2 ^ ^

niwasatou, my ava X'D

raideralan 2006-02-18 19:51

Shizunat & Nina X Erstin

Akuma-sama 2006-02-18 21:42

The Mashika (Mashiro/Arika) Arina (Arika/Nina) triangle, I still say Otome would have been good if it had been handled in a Kashimashi way ;) (er, wait, doesn't Mashikana mean something in Japanese? I remember hearing something like that before...)
Edit: After a little search, I found that the only word that has Mashika is Mashikaku, 真四角, which means "square". Heh, we learn something new every day...
Shiznat (...d'Uh.) with a bit of Mainat and Nato sprinkled in ;) (*starts thinking about "something about Natsuki"... ergh, must not think of another fic idea...)
Akirumi (...what, Takumi isn't a girl? Since when? Or was that what the operation in My HiME was about? :confused: :heh:)

If it's all right to let this thread become a couple idea list:
Shiayoi (Shiho/Yayoi; I can strangely see Shiho dropping her... pardon the pun, loopyness around the smallest Otome ever... It'd be an interesting couple, that's for sure! :heh:)
Naho (Nao/Shiho, Otome versions only; hey, it's been done before! :heh:)
Chierstin: Same thing as Shiayoi, it'd be good in an AU; Oneesama Chie trying to pull Erstin away from the dark side of the yuri...

Anyways. I'll stop here ;)

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