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coba 2006-02-19 15:31

Mai Otome 19
I can't play the new mai otome in my window media player. I have already checked using other file and my WMP works perfectly fine. Do you guys have a similar problem ?

TheFluff 2006-02-19 16:02

The file has an improper pixel aspect ratio flag set in the XviD bitstream. MPC and ZoomPlayer are two players that should play it properly. Windows Media Player reportedly doesn't. If you want to use WMP, read this:

Zero1 2006-02-19 18:12

Good post TheFluff.

As I understand it, Doremi do not want to release a v2, so if you want to be able to play this episode in WMP (or whatever player you are trying that isn't working) you will need to fix it yourself following the details in the guide, so don't be waiting for a v2, otherwise you might be waiting for a long time... :p

On the other hand, instead of waiting to download a v2 of this episode, it is much faster to fix it yourself using the small program. Also, this won't alter the quality of the file at all, it only modifies a value in the bitstream pertaining to the SAR.

IMO it's not a catastrophic failure (I've seen groups forget to IVTC before, now that's nasty), but perhaps something that should have been caught before distro. Although AR signalling isn't something that is supposed to work for AVI (since it's written to the bitstream), some players might adhere to it, others might ignore it, or if you are unlucky others will just get confused and refuse to play it. Strictly speaking it's unsupported, and if you can play it, consider yourself lucky. If you burn your episodes at all, I would recommend modifying it before you do, that way you know it's "guaranteed" to work, rather than something that might work.

How about some feedback from people with DivX players, do they play the unmodified file?

If you have problems directly relating to the guide, don't go bothering the Doremi staff about it, because the guide was put together by Minimaul[A^MM] and myself, who are not Doremi staff, so in effect the guide is not their problem.

If you want to raise the issue of not putting out a v2, or why the video only works on certain players, that's Doremi's area.

I assume that Doremi would expect you to use MPC or Zoomplayer to play this file, since there seems to be no intention of releasing a v2, and I don't think they was aware of being able to change the SAR of the encoded file. Either way, consider your options before you go bothering us or Doremi :)

Anyway, hope this is of use to people.

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