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Seska 2006-02-25 11:36

Background for Miss Maria?
Yes, i know. But, to bring more live here...

I think today, why Miss Maria has so many autorite (something to say. My english write skills are not so good) in the Galdarobe.

Perhaps shes the Old-chairman of the School. The previous one bevor Natsuki?. Her age let it be allright. Perhaps shes on the Picture where Mai + Natsuki and the others First Pearl ones are seen (dont know more the Episode). She knows the hiden technology in the grave. Then she must knew how to enter the catacombs. And she dont yell at the Otomes, while there. Instant she explains ,in the core,what it be a Meister otome.She can be the "old wise Men" that was common in the villages of the old Japan.
And she and Natsuki are the only one that stands on the podium for the "Pearl to Meister" ceneromy with Akane.

That will be a good backgroud for her, dont you think?. If Sunrise dont pull out a secret from her.

Or do you know more about her past?. Fell free to replay.


Morisato 2006-02-26 03:02

She used to be an otome until she got old and wrinkly.

EoT 2006-02-26 04:28

I believe Miss Maria can transform into an otome due to the Emerald on her ear.

I like the way she talks and acts, I hope we can at least see something from her but "if" if she does transform maybe a mask or helmet to cover her face :p

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