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ChibiGoku 2006-02-25 12:29

Saru Getchu (Ape Escape)
Talk about keeping the audiance in the dark, in regards to the anime. Well, we'll find out some more information once Sony updates the Piposaru Homepage in regards to anime, this March. The only thing we can remotly guess is it'll be an adaption of the first game. I could be wrong, of course. :heh:

Just a miniture note: as I said before, this is actually the third ape escape anime. The other two consisted on Minishorts and a movie. Given from reports, the Minishort was licensed and did air on Nickolodeon TV, but this is only from initial reports. The Movie remains still a mystery, to atleast me. Sense Sony has the R2 out of print.... Yeah :heh:

Anyone have any idea what this is?

ChibiGoku 2006-04-15 16:50

Saru! Get You (Ape Escape)
No discussion of this anime yet? Kind of surprising, especially ammount of people who downloaded it. :heh:

Anyways, the episode was decent for the most part, with the exception of the childish humour at spots. Regardless, I think it could shape up to be something decent, but I only wished Sony would of used Traditional animation instead of CelShaded, even though there's instances where it's popped up. (Specter's transformation scene was in traditional animation, for example.)

My only issue is that the episodes are a bit short, and don't exactly feel like one whole episode. A little rushed, but I blaim the timeslot Sony had to work with.

Music wise, it was a decent, though a bit used a bit too often. Again, I blaim the timeslot for this one.

Voice acting, no problems really. (considering we only hear Kakeru and Hakase).

Anywho, anyone else have any opinions?

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