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Kamui4356 2006-02-25 15:10

Konomini licensed by ADV
According to animenewsnetwork, Adv has licensed Konomini. As it's a Gainax series, I'm suprised it took so long. I for one shall be buying it when it's released.

zalas 2006-02-25 17:44

I have to say, I do prefer the official "This ugly yet beautiful world" over "This ugly and beautiful world." The former sounds more poetic and gets the nuance of the も correctly I believe.

SinnerChrno 2006-02-25 18:17

First Kiminozo, then Konomini. With the way things are going I'm praying Da Capo and DCSS get picked up by somebody too. :)

I hardly consider Konomini to be one of my favorite anime shows, but it was still pretty good and I wish to support it.

Kensuke 2006-02-26 15:24

Wow, this really surprised me. I wonder how long it takes to license He is my Master, manga is licensed by Tokyopop.

Well, I have to start saving money for this.

Ryuu-Odjn 2006-02-26 19:07

Yeah, me too ^^;

At least Konomini's short at 12 episodes, so that'll mean 3-4 discs at most

Kensuke 2006-05-03 16:51

First DVD will be out in July 4th, it is 100 minutes so probably 3 disks in all.

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