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bluesolos 2006-03-13 21:58

Looking for SPORTS animes. :)
Hi, I'm currently watching Hajime no Ippo and Prince of Tennis and I enjoy both. I would appreciate any suggestions that deal with sports animes. :)


YoshiZumi 2006-03-13 23:51

Eyeshield 21-This one is about American Football
Slamdunk-My personal favorite sports anime of all time about basketball

Aru 2006-03-13 23:56

Major (baseball) is a pretty good sports show.

ShadowClone 2006-03-14 04:07

Basketball: Slam Dunk, Buzzer Beater, Dear Boys
Football (soccer): Wild Striker, Captain Tsubasa
Go (a Japanese board game): Hikaru no Go
American Football: Eyeshield 21

I don't know if fishing can be considered a "sport", but Grander Musashi fits this one. :heh:

Renesis-C 2006-03-14 07:16

Initial D (car racing is a sport dammit!)

I second slam dunk, it is really worth watching, even if it's not for the basketball content.

EdenB 2006-03-14 12:07

Another 'vote' for Eyeshield 21, I usually don't like sports anime, but even I like this one quite a lot.

sukreih 2006-03-14 12:18

I really love Ashita no Joe,it's a real classic.

Also I personally enjoyed PlayBall.(it's about baseball)
It has all the old-style 1960ish cartoon feeling in it.

And there's Dodge Tanpei,it was a realllll big hit when I was little.As the title says it's about dodgeball.

bluesolos 2006-03-14 17:13

Ty for all the suggestions, I'll be sure to check them all out. :)

Potatochobit 2006-03-14 20:26

slam dunk, wild striker and princess nine are MUST watch shows for sports fans.

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