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Zu Ra 2006-03-20 03:39

Ongoing Anime/ New Anime what to watch ?
I am following currently Bleach,Yakitate Ja-Pan, Naruto,Blood+,Black Cat,Angel Heart,Kasimasi ~ Girl Meets Girl~ and Ayakashi.

With Black cat and Kasimasi ~ Girl Meets Girl~ just a few episodes away from close need new reccommendation.Any genre of Anime will do leaving. Coming of Age & Magic Girl typesfrom ongoing series . Also just finished watching Gun X Sword.

That brings me to my 2nd part of the question which all animes to watch from forthcoming releases ?

jedinat 2006-03-20 05:11

Mushishi - awesome and my fav ongoing series right now.
Shakugan no SHANA - my 3rd fav, after Blood+
Fate/stay night - pretty good so far.
Ergo Proxy - only a couple episodes of this out right now. Can't really say whether I'll stick with it yet. It's kinda off to a slow start.
Solty Rei - most of this series has aired. I've seen the first few episodes. It's pretty good.
Karin - silly vampire school girl anime.

miaka 2006-03-20 06:42

Shinigami no Ballad- its still ongoing but only 6 episodes.
Mushishi- the tv episode ended at 20, but there are still 6 more episodes to be included in dvd release.

There are a lot of nice titles will be coming out this new season such as Tsubasa chronicle, xxxholics ( both clamp's anime but licensed) , hack/root, witch blade ( gonzo production) ... To add more here are some title that you might enjoy
Nana - based from best seller manga of all time Nana. Its manga ranked no. 1 in oricon survey for shoujo genre.
Ginkai Tamashii or better known as Gintama- its a sunrise production. Like bleach, its manga is serialized in shounen jump. The story is kinda comedy.
Soul Link - it seems to be a space action show.
AA! Megami-sama - Sorezore no Tsubasa - season two of AMG

gogogoh 2006-03-20 13:12

do you want mind bogoling anime?

gogogoh 2006-03-22 14:29

consider Noein. I am at 8 but to me it's mind bogoling. Most people like it so see if you can try it out. Also on a side note you can't just watch the first eps. you will not understand.

Mephisto2k 2006-03-23 10:48

ergo proxy is a well designed and animated scify show with a flawer of ghost in the shell and some conspiricy society sorta thing. really promessing so far.

shakugan no shana is some kind of action andvanture romance in a wierd world thats somehow similar to the principe of "the matrix". itll keep yu hooked every episode.

magikano is an awesome magical girl harem comedy with some ecchi and fightings, witches and even more comedy. Its so funny that i cant believe it. It truly deserves it place besides other great comedies like school rumble or azumanga daioh. The characters are so awesome and funny and awesome... and funny.

mai otome is some kind of remake of the maihime series with lots of yuri and fanservice. but itll be good enough if youve seen mai hime.

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