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flash008 2003-12-18 00:57

millenium actress, please someone help
if anyone has seen it then they have heard the really good theme song, as far as i remember it, it was played mostly on the piano, does anyone know the name of the person who plays that song or maybe where i can download?

NoSanninWa 2003-12-18 01:41

You posted in the wrong forum. You'll have a lot more luck getting an answer in the Music forum, so I moved it. I hope that somebody can help you find out how plays it, but I cannot allow anyone to tell you where to download a ripped music CD.

If you want to get anime music, then please read The "Where do I buy..." Thread.

ShinDragon 2003-12-18 07:59

The same guy who did "Forces", "Forces II" for BERSERK.

His name is "Susumu Hirasawa"

It's better to buy the CD, cuz there's music video in it.

As for the Piano Music you are asking about..... there are several of them.

Here's the Offical Website and CD info.

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