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Legato_C 2006-03-28 11:12

So Many Promos!!!!
Well i've watched all promos today for upcomming anime. And I need some opinions from the people that like read the manga, played the game blah blah...

Soul Link- Looks interesting, romance in space?
.Hack Roots- Looks nice, I only watched the 1st .Hack but I always liked RPGish
Disgaea- Looked pretty funny, although not a big fan of the art style
The Other Side of The Other Side- Reminds me of Tsubasa Chronicles
Himawari!- A funny ninja show? I'm interested.
High School Girls- Looked funny. is it like azumanga?
HimeHime- First impression was bad :p
Zegapain- Liked the animation, hope its not just destroy all with beam laser thing

These downloads didnt start -_-;
Fate Stay Night
Shoujou Changumo
Yoshinaga-san Uchi no Gargoyle

Lately the only new anime I watched are Blood+, Black Cat, Law of Ueki, Ergo Proxy, and Magikano. They are not my favorite but it beats whats on t.v. So i'm looking for some fresh interesting anime. hmm I mostly go for comedy and action type animes. But everything is fine with me as long as it's not totally crap...

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