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Luminion Lancer 2006-03-29 22:54

Create Your Own Justsu or Naruto character
-Come one, come all to the "Create Your Own Justsu or Naruto character" thread. Here you can post your creations. There's no real purpose to this thread other than to collect creativity from the fans of the Naruto series. There are however a few small rules:

1) ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, I cannot stress that enough.

2) The justsu or character cannot be proclaimed as "flawless" or "beats everything" once put into picture.

3) Have fun (I know it's cheesy but I needed a 3rd non-consequential rule).

4) *NEW RULE* Aside from characters and jutsu, should a person desire itso, they are allowed to create weapons and other accessories for the character they create. Of course, all the rules that apply to the jutsus and characters also apply to the weapons as well.

-I guess I'll post my own creations first:

Jutsu: Fuuton: Tenkuu Sanpo (Wind Element: Art of Air Walking).
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: By merging one's chakra with the surrounding air currnets the user can walk the air as if he/she were on solid ground.
Advantages/Disadvantages: Great for evading and surprise attacks. However the person must have complete mastery of their chakra flow and the jutsu itself is rather costly and you'll find yourself easily exghausted.
Hand seals required: any single seal will do.

Jutsu: Ougi: Bijuu Bankai (Secret skill: Tailed Beast full release)
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Only applies to a Jinchuuriki and the Bijuu sealed within. By activating this the Jinchuuriki can use the full power of their demon by lifting their seals for a certain amount of time, essentially becoming the demon for the time allowed.
Advantages/Disadvantages: Effects will vary with each Jinchuuriki. Great for killing things quickly. Unfortunatelly once the timer runs out all that power goes away and the user is thrown into withdrawl (As in when you use a drug and then suddenly stop. That damages the body.) This can only be done once a day, anymore and the person shall burn in their own power.
Hand seals: All 12 respective seals done in any order twice.

ranchan13 2006-03-30 02:53

Soujuu Shitai Rosuto no Jutsu (Lost Body Control Jutsu)
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: A jutsu that effects the brain functions of a target and causes them to lose all control of bowel movements. The true horror of this jutsu is that anyone effected immediately suffers humiliation and embarassment as their pants are suddenly filled with a mixture of excrement and urine. As such, very few ninja continue to fight after being effected, choosing to retreat rather then suffer further humiliation.
The effect is more dangerous if used on a ninja who has recently eaten incredibly spicey foods.
Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Jiraiya

Last_Hope 2006-03-30 03:06

Jantelagen no jutsu.

- This one makes the one it´s directed at lose all his or her supreme skills and instead becoming... Average!

(I suppose only swedes will understand this joke. :D)

Popo-kun 2006-03-31 08:44

i'd be a naruto character that all the ladies love and i'd bone every single women from age 17 to 35. and they'd call me po pimp of konoha.

Rurik 2006-03-31 08:56

It is sort of a combination of Henge and Sharingan, but with a little more into it.

Body Mimic No Jutsu,

A Jutsu that after the user get in touch with any part of his opponent body (DNA) he can shape shift into this person, but different from the Henge Jutsu, this one allows you to: use the Bloodline ability (if any), use any jutsu that this shinoby could do, and have access to any information currently in the opponent memory.

This Jutsu however can't recreate Jinchuriki features, and the shinoby can only hold on this form for a limited time, if he take to much time in this form, he could be left in this form forever, loosing the ability to do the Body Mimic No Jutsu.

mind 2006-03-31 09:04

Last hope, jag gillade verkligen ditt skämt! :D

Shadowscar 2006-03-31 09:29

Id make a skill that sends an image of you off in retreat, but leaves you exactly were you are invisable (to smell and sight) and you stay invisable till you start to move...

The reason you cant move is to stop it from being completely over powerfully end all lol

Rurik 2006-03-31 09:48


Originally Posted by Shadowscar
The reason you cant move is to stop it from being completely over powerfully end all lol

Agree, I think that in order to create a Jutsu, you should think of some limiters, so this jutsu isn’t too overpowered.

Mr. Johnny 5 2006-03-31 11:47

A character with Gaara's defense, Neji's Juuken Taijutsu, Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra and Sasuke's Sharingan & Shika's IQ is pretty badass...and an attractive effect like Yondaime or Sasuke on female.

That'd be the perfect character.

Syaoran 2006-04-01 18:14

Nekofuku Jouji
That's a good thread KatonMakai ^^
Some people have good ideas for inventing new jutsu.

I've been watching this for a few days now, but no one tried to create a new character ^^'
Well, this evening I gave it a try... I present young Konoha Ninja, Jouji Nekofuku :p

First Name: 譲治
Jouji. The name comes from a character in a Japanese Buddhist tale. See below for more information.
Surname: 猫福
Nekofuku. This means lucky cat. Grammatically this is a correct Japanese surname as it comes with a noun and an adjective, but there's very likely no one with that name in Japan. I choosed it because this character likes cats and other felines.
Jouji has never known his family or clan. While his clan was moving to another village after being chased because of their bloodline limit, baby Jouji was kidnapped by ninja's of an enemy country as they were interested in Nekofuku's bloodline.
Although being well-treated, they abandonned him in the rest, when his temperature body was rising when his bloodline and his affinity for fire started developping. Having no clue what it was, they though Jouji got some uncureable illness, as his forehead felt like someone suffering from a very high fever.
Luckily for Jouji, a member of the Uchiha clan found him and raised the little boy. Sadly enough, his happiness short, because of Itachi Uchiha. Although being upset, filled with anger, he stayed loyal to what his father and sensei taught him and revenge is not the way to live, unlike Sasuke...
Jouji's father and sensei, before being murdered by Itachi, taught him some fire element ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu. Although Jouji knows some technique that were used by Sandaime Hokage Sama as well, they aren't as powerfull yet.
  • Katon Housenka no Jutsu (Phoenix Fire)
  • Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire)
  • Katon, Karyuu Endan (Dragon Flame Blast)
  • Karyuudan (Fire Dragon Missile)
  • Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Great Fireball)
Knowing that fire can endanger one's life, his sensei also taught him how to use Fuka Hoin (Fire Sealing).
During one of the covert operations to which Jouji participated, he found a ancient scroll containing jutsus based on Amaterasu (天照). Jouji managed to learn one of the jutsu's from that scroll, before one of the felines he can summon, ブラックパンサー (Burakku Pansaa, Black Panther), took the scroll to his dimension because it is far to dangerous to be used.

The jutsu he learned was 黒い太陽の誕生の術 (Kuroi taiyou no tanjou no Jutsu, Birth of the Black Sun).
To use this Jutsu, Jouji has to perform a sequence of four specific handseals in the right order: 虎 竜神 鳥 蛇, which stand for: Tora (Tiger), Ryuu (Dragon), Tori (Bird) and Hebi (Snake).
These seals, followed by Shikumi no Jutsu (Intent to Kill) starts the process of the Birth of the Black Sun.
Basically, that jutsu ignites the Amaterasu or Black Fire inside of the victims organs, consuming him rapidly from the inside. I don't need to make a sketch to explain what a painful death this is.
The weak point of that jutsu however, is the Intent to Kill. If not powerful enough or if the victim escapes from the killing intent, nothing will happen and Jouji lost a significant amount of Chakra need to perform Kuroi taiyou no tanjou no jutsu correctly.

As for Jouji's Kuchiyose no Jutsu, he can summon all kind of cats and felines. Burakku Pansaa is the most powerful of them. Depending on the amount of chakra used to summon him, his size will be different as well, varying from normal panther size to a demon that can level a mountain.
The cat you see on the picture is かえで, which means Maple Leaf. Kaeda is intelligent, able to talk and helps Jouji often during his mission. He's a little bit like Kakashi's Pakkun. He also likes being taken care of by beautiful girls, that's why he often uses his Kawai no Jutsu ;)

Jouji is a boy having a rare 血継限界 (Kekkei Genkai), called 黒壇眼, Kurodangan (Ebony Eyes). With this bloodlime limit, Jouji can alter the amount of S, L and M cones in his eyes, to gain trichromatic (colour) or dichromatic (black & white) vision. Thanks to this ability, Jouji has an incredibly sharp vision and he can see as if in daylight in pitchblank areas. When in dichromatic mode, Jouji can also see the chakra concentrations in someone's body, and depending on the area, try to evaluate what type of attach his opponent will do. This is particulary handy when the opponent is preparing for Genjutsu.

On the picture, Kaeda is sitting next to Jouji. He's a rather big sized cat, but still kawai. The scar on Jouji's face is from his mission where he learned Kuroi taiyou no tanjou no Jutsu. Jouji can also fight using a Katana. The Katana in front of him is the one given by his Uchiha father/sensei and only used on very special occasion during combat, when his honour is at stake or when he defends his beloved ones.
The Kanji on his name tag are correct if my research and comprehension were right.
The Kanji on that ability shart probably isn't... the scan used was rather poor, and I've no idea what chart I could draw for him.

Jouji's eyes are similar to Kaeda's. That because he's using the Kurodangan in dichromatic mode.

Cats ? Baaaaaaka neko >.<
Wondering why I took a cat ? Pretty easy ^^
I've two adorable cats at home. I'm not really a dog-kind of person.
Also, I miss cats a little in Naruto. They would be a nice addition :)

Where does the name Jouji comes from?


So... that's the character I invented today :p
What do you think about him ? Design, abilities, jutsu, background etc...

Note that it took more time to write this than to draw Jouji ^^'
* Yawn* I'm gonna sleep now... 1:13 AM O_o

Mr. Johnny 5 2006-04-01 18:36

Whoa...i admire your dedication and time you take here on these should've taken you a while to create and type all that..


your hardwork motivated me to give you some rep+ :)

full_metal_sousuke 2006-04-01 18:56

i give gaara a new jutsu its called "sand blind no justsu"
sand blind no jutsu- throw sand in your eyes and u go blind.
im a ninja genius

Luminion Lancer 2006-04-01 21:44

-Awesome character, a job well done *massive applause*.
-In light of this I decided to revive my character "prototype" I began creating in a fanfiction. Do note that this character is by no means finished.

Appearance: Since I suck at drawing (not much of an artist :( ) I'll post a link character that is similar to my character's desired appearance.

Name: Zaigou. Age: 16 Occupation: Dasanteki-nin (mercenary ninja), jinchuuriki.
Biju: Shichibi no Ookami (7-tailed wolf). Seal location: The Heart.
Biju Effect: Once Zaigou begins to draw out the power of his Biju his heart beat becomes a thousand times faster which in turn releases and molds the Biju's chakra at an alarming rate. Doing so adds the following benefits: 1) Increased senses and a much faster reaction time. 2) A massive chakra supply that is comareable to Kyuubi Naruto's (also envelops him but it is silver in color). 3) Rapid regenrative capabilities. Unfortunately, as soon as he stops using this power, Zaigou ends up suffering a heart attack no matter how skilled he is at contoling it. It doesn't kill him but the pain is almost beyond human tolerence.

Signature Jutsu: "Katon: Ka'en" (Fire Element: Fire Blast): Using his internal body heat Zaigous envelops himself in flames and once he strikes his target a massive explosion occurs. But if he doesn't hit something that the flames can consume within a given time period then he will be the one that the flames eat away.

Quotes: "Weapons and Genjutsu are for cowards and tricksters respectively. I only need the strenght of my body". "Spare me the details, I'll burn you to ash (using Katon: Ka'en)".

Story: 16 years ago, Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud) was attacked by Shichibi no Ookami. Kumo's defender, another Biju Gobi no Tori (5-tailed bird), engaged the opressor but in the end it turned out to be futile. In one final act, 2 shinobi gave their lives to seal both the Ookami and the Tori into 2 newborn siblings, one girl and one boy. The girl received the Tori and was praised and proclaimed the new defender of Kumogakure, her name Hana (flower). The boy however was loathed and despised without mercy. Separated from his sibling because he was deemed too impure to be near her, the boy grew alone, never knowing who she was. He lived off of garbage and slept on the streets. He was never allowed to enter the academy. In fact he was so despised that no one even cared to give him a name.
Then one rainy day, 45 ANBU came to him to take his life, one of them being his long gone sister. He was brutally tortured until they decided he was ready to be killed. But fate would not allow him to die and neither would his Biju and in an instant the boy unleashed his power and escaped. Now with no home he could find no meaning to his existance except the hatred of others he told himself "If that is how the world sees me then so it shall be. I'll live for myself until the day my life comes to an end". With his determination in place the boy gave himself a name, Zaigou (Sin) and began to train himself to survive. In doing so he became a Dasanteki-nin, a being that holds no obligation to anything other than money (a symbol that ctreates much hatred). To this day, he has lived a harsh life and believed in nothing but hate. That is, until he met a young man by the name of Uzumaki Naruto...

(Whew, man that's a lot. This is the summary of my fanfiction. It is not complete yet but it's a start).

Syaoran 2006-04-02 03:06


Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5
Whoa...i admire your dedication and time you take here on these should've taken you a while to create and type all that..

your hardwork motivated me to give you some rep+ :)

Thanks for liking my character \(^_^)/
Hihihihi... I couldn't believe it myself first, that I wrote all this... I spent more time on inventing the story, jutsus, writing the text, the research for the right kanji and the best translations possible than the actual drawing process.
I'm pretty satisfied with Jouji and I think I'll probably start refining the drawings and make different ones, from different angles and actions. It would be a good exercise ^^


Originally Posted by KatonMakai
-Awesome character, a job well done *massive applause*.
-In light of this I decided to revive my character "prototype" I began creating in a fanfiction. Do note that this character is by no means finished.

Thanks you for your reply as well.
Your character and fanfiction have some potential :)
I look forward to a completed version.
Hopefully Naruto didn't get hurt to badly trying to change Zaigou (^_^'')

Paiser 2006-04-02 03:53

Jutsu: Rai Ki Kaze
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Pure Lightning&MiniTornado thats on ur whole entire your hand, once connected it will cause massive destruction.
LVL: 5
Advantages/Disadvantages: Its uses alot of your chakara, if not having control of your chakra flow, if not having full control of your chakara flow, it will cause you a great affect on your whole entire of your body. Thats why only can mastered at a young age. If master at a mid/old age, your life span will greatly reduce. NOTE: not easily to master
Hand seals required: Rora, Ryu, Saru, and Inu(for activation put one hand over the other, concentrate on the hand will activate Rai Ki Kaze. If not you can explode and ull have massive damage on your body)
BACKGROUND: It is combined with rasengan and chidori, how ever its more lightning then wind, so its more of like a chidori, but still you have full control
Ninjustu time: it will stay on you till you fully release it if release not on contact, it will release like a bullet.

Rurik 2006-04-02 04:35

Well Syaoran, you put a lot of tough and effort fro this character, nice creativity, You should copy right it, you never know if Kishimoto is browsing this pages :heh:

Syaoran 2006-04-02 15:07


Originally Posted by Uchiha_Rurik
Well Syaoran, you put a lot of tough and effort fro this character, nice creativity, You should copy right it, you never know if Kishimoto is browsing this pages :heh:

I would be an honour if Kishimoto-san would ever like that character.
But that will remain some foolish dream isn't it ? ^^'

Luminion Lancer 2006-04-02 16:26


Originally Posted by Syaoran
I would be an honour if Kishimoto-san would ever like that character.
But that will remain some foolish dream isn't it ? ^^'

-Life's full of surprises isn't it? Who knows, maybe Kishimoto-sensei will one day browse this forum and see your charcter. And before you know it you could see him in the latest Naruto chapter. What I'm trying to say is that it's not a foolish dream since it could be a reality ;) .

P.S: There's no need to worry about Naruto in my fanfic. Trust me, he'll be fine, he's Naruto after all. I'll send you a finished version when it is complete.

-Another day, another jutsu created.

Name: Katon: Taba no Doragon (Dragon Coil)
Effect: Using nearby flames the user makes them into a shape of a dragon that will encirdle one's enemies and burn them till there's nothing left. It is a sure-kill ability but it requires a lot. First you need to set fire to something and the move itself is slow and can be seen coming rather easily.
Signs: Oushi, Uma, Tori, Buta, Tora, Inu, Uma, Tora (Bull, horse, bird, pig, tiger, dog, horse, tiger).

kaori_da_sue 2006-04-14 21:21

Shiori Hikari- name means white light

Age: 16

related to: Shikamaru Nara

hair: dark purple

eyes: red

Story- Her mom married some dude when her dad died so her name changed to Hikari. She wanted to become a ninja but was sent to live where her Stepdad lives with her mom. So when she comes back t konoha village shikamaru and Shiori don't recognize eachother. When they finally did she resented how he has grown up to be so lazy and started callin him "gaki" and "obakasan". Then, when she caught wind of Temari she started to push him closer and closer to Temari so he'll have a girlfriend. She met Neji Hyuga while meeting the rest of Shikamaru's classmates (which included hinata). And they started dating.

one last thing: she has no real goal or motivation in life. the only things she wants right now is to try out being a ninja again (even though she's a bit old) and to have fun.

that's my character. deal with it.

mechwar666 2006-04-15 18:07

kishimoto no jutsu: the creater appears and erases all the charaters that oppose his summoner :D jk.

character: 中島 Nakashima (center of the island) 大輝 Taiki (large radiance)
village: birth @ hidden mist, lives @ hidden leaf
family trait or kekkei genkai: he can use metal jutsu's (don't ask how just be sure he can do stuff with metal :D)
Hobby: making explosives (no tags but real explosives :D), watching the gennins in the village, develop new techniques for his kekkei genkai, read manga ...:heh:, watch anime:heh:, read jiraya's novels :eyebrow:.
weapons: Iron sphere's (4) kunai (3) shuriken (12) explosive tags (2) explosives made by him (2) metal bar (1) katana (1). (his katana has a hole in the middle from the handle to the top, allowing for wind to flow through the katana before everyslash, allowing wind jutsu's to be performed with the sword.)
armor: head protector (like all of konoha's ninja's), Iron arm protectors, and metal bottomed sandals.

history: His family was almost eradicated on the last war the hidden mist village was in. Soon after clans with family traits started being eradicated in the land of water. His mother being one of the last 3 members of the clan (Taiki clan, which at birth are given the seal of the Taiki: a skull with a hammer on one side and on the other a katana and its always put in the right arm), ran with him to the land of waves protected by his uncle and his father. Before they reached the land of waves they where attacked by hunternins. Both his uncle and father died in that battle and with his mother wounded they still tried to make it. His mother and himself where rescued by a merchant ship. Unfortunately they couldn't save her, but they managed to save Nakashima. The merchant ship was headed to the land of fire, where the boy was taken to the fourth hokage, and asked what to do with him. Soon after he was allowed to live in the village hidden in the leaves. He graduated from the ninja academy 6 years after Kakashi. On his first rank A mission his entire team was killed but him, thanks to a jutsu he performed thanks to his kekkei genkai. He performed 地獄の技術からの上昇の穂先 (rising pikes from hell) basically Iron pikes rose from the ground that are so hot that can go through any piece of armor and burn his opponent alive. His first rank A mission ended in him getting injured, and his entire team annihalated. By the time a team of ninja medics arrived, there wasn't enough left of the enemy to recognize them, for exception of their protectors. Nakashima survived only getting a scar on his right arm. This was also the first time he saw Kakashi in battle. While the medics carried Nakashima out of the battle, Kakashi and his teamates where defending the medics route in order to assist all of the injured ninja's in their path. After he recovered or more like was let out of the hospital, he requested to join team Kakashi. Nakashima had earned the rank of chunin after his last mission, and being the only one left alive he was allowed to join. Kakashi had only one condition, and that was if Nakashima could prove himself in battle he would be allowed to join. The day after, Kakashi tested Nakashima, where Nakashima almost failed all of Kakashi's tests, untill he asked Nakashima to at him with the intent of killing him. Nakashima used something that was considered forbidden later on by the third hokage. He performed 鉄雨技術 (Iron rain), which was done by throwing a sphere of metal with saturated chakra in it. One's his opponent is near the sphere, it blows up by using the chakra, and shrapnel flies everywhere. Impressed by the shear amount of destruction of the technique, specially when it requires a small amount of chakra, Kakashi suggests that he joined the Hunternins.

(Story will be continued ?? I think.)

Other jutsu's he can perform are:

Kage no bunshin jutsu (shadow clone)
火の嵐の技術 (fire storm)
金属のクローンの技術 (metal clone) kekkei genkai technique
太陽の技術からの嵐 (storm from the sun) Molten Iron falls from the skies and attaches to his opponents immobilizing them, and/or killing them.

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