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PigLig 2006-04-01 09:37

Gol D Roger discussion thread
I dont know if this had been debated before, so dont bash me if it has.

anyway, if Gold Roger is worth a billion and was the greatest pirates.
How did he get captured? I dont think they explained it in the manga.

Slayerx 2006-04-01 10:11

It's been brought up from time to time...
And so far, Oda has yet to tell us how the great pirate king got captured...

There's a number of ways...

1) Badass Marine/bounty hunter... Gold roger may have been the king of the pirates, but that only means he was the greats pirate at the time... by all means, there's really nothing to say that there wasn't a stronger marine or bounty hunter at the time...

Problem with this theory is who was it that beat gold roger and where are they now... was it someone like Ao Kiji or Sengoku(if he fights), or was it a character we have yet to meet... if one man did manage to overpower gold roger in a one-on-one fight then i'm sure we would have heard something about them

perhaps maybe it was a combined effort, it could be that the fight with Gold Roger is where the three future Admril's got their reputation as the strongest fighting force... 3 vs 1 fight, Gold Roger vs the 3 soon to be adrmils... imo, it sounds more believable then roger loosing in a one on one fight

2) just plain overwhelmed/sneak attack... it could be, that during a time when his guard was down or he was weak(after a duel with Whitebeard perhaps), the marines launched a massive assault and took him down... i can very easily picture Sengoku being the one to lead such an attack (whether or not he can fight), along side with the likes of guys like Ao kiji and the other future admril's...

Other ways might be something like betrayal... but i that the pirate king would have a nakama on his side that would sell him out...

Another that's important to note is that whatever force took down roger, also managed to take down his whole crew... since i think it was said that roger's crew is gone (i'll have to double check on that)

What i think is probably safe to say is that the handcuffs used to hold Gold Roger were probably made of seastone... Gold Roger didn't have a devil fruit but Seastone cuffs are vitually impossible to break even for the pirate king

chucky 2006-04-01 12:04

Nah, I called the FBI and they brought him down.
Just that simple.....

neodrag38 2006-04-01 13:22

What Slayerx, and the other possibility of Roger fulfilling what he needed to while he was alive in which the only thing he had left to do was die. That and/or it being a necessity for him to die for create a needed situation in which the new age of pirates may have an at this moment unshown true reason behind it.

MihawkXGP 2006-04-01 15:19

At this point in time, it'd be pretty much Impossible for anyone to guess how he was caught, or if he was even caught at all.
Its Oda's secret. What-ever it is, i'm sure it'll be a fitting one for the Pirate King. Anything else that moment is just pure speculation, especially since we know very little about Roger's past, or his Journey through the Grandline. Perhaps within his backstory is a clue to how he got captured.

Rahan 2006-04-03 04:21

Can be something very retarded as well, just like "he fell down the stairs"

Actually, I would go with neodrag38's explaination. I think he let himself get caught to start the Pirates Age. When he says he'll give his treasure to anyone who can find him without detailing what is it it doesn't sound so much like he was separated from his treasure against his own will. More like it's what he always wanted. He doesn't sound too pissed off at this execution as well.

A bit like Tom who could have kicked out Spandam and friends if he wanted. (I think)

There are so few news about his crew that I think he left them before surrendering. I can see them being One Piece's last protectors.

Of course, all of this is pure speculation.

vl86 2006-04-03 15:19

well what i personally think happened was that since he travelled the grandline became the best of everything he just got bored and didnt bother putting up a fight when the marines tried to capture him and and just surrendered since his life accomplishment and everything along with it was completed

puxira 2006-05-05 23:52

Maybe Whitebeard captured him and gave him to the Marines so he would have a shot at Pirate King?

strategos 2006-05-06 23:59

Maybe he ate the fruit that gives him eternal life.
or maybe his ghost is around.
When Luffy reach the final island, we might see a huge Gol D Roger Flash back
And then
Luffy Vs Roger

Forever 2006-05-07 06:47

Most probably was gold roger was blackmailed into surrendering himself in exchanged for his families' safety.... (Maybe, maybe.... Luffy...) And then their family must never mention any relation to him at all to anyone...

Maybe because of this deal, the very higher ups of world government chose not to seriously go after luffy... It is only when Ao kiji and nico robin factor came in then things change...

LytHka 2006-05-07 07:00

I'm very much inclined to believe that the guy was strong, however, not that strong that he couldn't be taken down. Also, I'd like to believe that his path of becoming The Pirate King was achieved because it was destined for him to become as great as he was, even though his skills weren't that top notch. Luck helped in his battles, perhaps? Why I think this is the case is that Luffy is basically following his footsteps and his decission of becoming The Pirate King so far quite nicely coincided with his success as a pirate. He also had a lot of luck.
In anime, skill does not determine one's destiny.

Sazelyt 2006-05-07 08:42

Roger's capture is an interesting story on his own. But, there is one thing that hasn't mentioned yet in related to Roger's capture: his men and what happened to them. Taking into account what we have observed until now, some of Roger's men should be strong enough to have a crew on their own. We haven't heard about them yet. So, we might consider them as dead. If that is the case, a sneak attack that will allow only Roger survive is still likely, but I don't give it a high possibility. On the other hand, considering the strength of his crew and the strength of his ship, then for me it is highly possible that the marines used a very powerful attack against him. Regardless of how strong Roger and his crew is, against the best marine captains, it shouldn't be very easy to survive. And that brings out a few other questions. Why? What did Roger do? Was it related to the legendary weapons?

MihawkXGP 2006-05-07 09:38

Most if not all of His crew are gone.
Roger's crime was knowing too much about the Lost 100 year history of the world, amongst other obvious things.

Sazelyt 2006-05-07 17:44


Originally Posted by MihawkXGP
Roger's crime was knowing too much about the Lost 100 year history of the world

Although we know that he had knowledge on the ancient language, has this ever mentioned before? I must have missed it.

Bremm 2006-05-09 09:37

Bah, he let himself be captured. Probably had the whole One Piece thing planned out for the sole purpose of starting the whole pirate craze so people would have the same chance for adventure and nakama that he did. Would seem appropriate, anyhow...

n00boi 2006-06-01 02:56

Gold Roger's crew probably contracted a disease and died.

He too got contracted and became weak but havnt died yet.

d.Lughie 2006-06-03 21:15

Assuming that the theory of WG being the actual villain...

I guess Roger didn't have enough power to go against the WG with his crewmates or himself alone. Moreover, he could not think of any other idea to proof WG being guilty beside to let people know the existence of the tablet of truth or we know called the Rio Poneglyph. To fulfill this, he dismissed his pirate crews and hand himself over to the Government, in the idea that he will be executed publicly. He was executed publicly and used this chance to spread the words to people, by mentioning "One Piece" the greatest treasure in the whole world. People would believe in him because there is really nomore use of lying for a person who was about to die. Therefore, all hell broke loose and people started searching the great treasure.

noktown 2006-06-27 23:00

Maybe its stupid,but...

I think Roger if he was the man who had everything in this world,and saw everything...,so there was no point for him to leave...,he's a pirate after all,the only thing he didnt see is death,so maybe he just decided to die...

MonkeyD.Luffy 2006-06-28 07:32

do you ppl even pay attention when watching or reading one piece.........Gol D. Roger didn't die for ppl to just become pirates or to just die.......(makes a good story but not for one piece),

"Inherited Will,
The Destiny of the Age,
and The Dreams of the People,
These are things that will not be stopped.
As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom,
They will never cease to be!"

Gol D. Roger was probably (assuming the world government is an evil empire) trying to have the world gain their freedom. If we are assuming he is caught......(sure) he probably did it for the ideal of freedom, his ideals.

the world government theory would probalby work best also because its never depicted that Roger plundered or murdered masses of ppl. just like luffy, though luffy is a pirate, during a pirate age and thats the only reason he is an outlaw. there fore Roger is an outlaw because of "one piece" or the rio poneglyph.....assuming thats what it is.....

Petbe 2006-06-28 07:43

I think some marine or someone from his past cornered him and he just turned himself in. I am pretty sure he could have esacped easily but he chose to end his life,

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