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Swampstorm 2006-04-01 23:22

School Rumble Wiki
In celebration of this magical day in the lives of School Rumble fans, WannabeFansubs has started a Wiki on School Rumble!

Now, if only we can pool our knowledge together... ;)

NoSanninWa 2006-04-03 01:36

Wikipedia also has a wiki:

Swampstorm 2006-04-03 03:36


Originally Posted by NoSanninWa

That's an entry, not a wiki. Wikipedia creates general entries for all subjects. People tend to create wikis for subjects by going in to more depth on a narrow range of subject material. The wiki posted consists of a collection of articles on SR, rather than a single overview.

Incidentally, the Japanese Wikipedia article on SR is a more comprehensive one than the English Wikipedia article:

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