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Lord Raiden 2003-12-19 19:56

Who's bt is this?
Hey, who's bt server is this?

I remember someone mentioned that their group's bt server was down/dead. Kinda wondering if they're short on cash like the site lists if we could maybe take up a paypal collection to help them out to get back online? Just a thought. Especially since they have ONE PIECE episodes. :D

JustAnotherFan 2003-12-19 20:11


Originally Posted by Lord Raiden

See this post


Lord Raiden 2003-12-19 23:45

Thanks! Posted in the other thread with an offer of aid. :)

rayeart 2003-12-20 21:27

Okay I in fact managed to get some money on donation, never ever thoght I wuld get anything at all right now have got 21$ so far, and kind of shocked sombody ever wuld donate.

I managed to save my two main HD's for my comp and save most of the data from them, at least I didn't lose my new tracker page so I will fix my own comp as a server but it won't be up befor the end of december, becose I'm of to a LAN Party and can't have my own comp as bt server then.

Anyway, my servers HD was a bit to old to get a new one from the waranty :/ So that won't help me, also why it died was due my server only had 128MB mem, and thx to that did it cache a loot to the HD sins all servers took up about 400MB and mainly killed the HD thanks to it.

Anyway, I rechanged my dessision about donation, and if there is somby thats intrested I'm really wuld be really happy to recive it, Anyway I also wuld like to know from WHO I get donations from, becose I whant to fix up a credit page for thoes who helped me out.

Anyway I accept donations over paypal, and theos who feel like to donate, my accont is: wdaniel @ ( without the spaces, ( don't whant spambots to get my mail )

Anyway PLEASE contact me if you donated something to


Lord Raiden 2003-12-20 22:03

See? There are nice people out there. Glad you got some help. My paypal account is goose eggs right now, so once I get some money transfered in there I'll send some your way. :)

rayeart 2003-12-21 15:03

hehe, it's 25,5$ right now :) at least growing a little :P but need about 95$ more for a HD and RAM. but I'm geting there :)

EDIT: Change it to 35$

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