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GUTB_ 2003-11-06 01:29

What should Haruka do about Mitsuki and Takayuki?
After Haruka gets back on her feet, what should she do or not do with her cheatin' friends?

tem 2003-11-06 02:11

I think she should kinda go with the flow and see what happens. It's been three long years.... nobody is the same anymore. For her to jump up and expect everything to be just as it was is a little naive. Takayuki is different. Mitsuki is different. Haruka may not be different, but eh...well, what can you do? :heh:

edit: Why oh why can't I spell his damn name?!?

Acespeedy 2003-11-06 02:15

uhhh cheatin friends? Tell me exactly how are they cheatin?? Oh you mean getting on with their lives and not having sex lives like you ok then.......

Nazgul8 2003-11-06 02:19

I would vote, but the option I would choose isn't up. It would be close to the 2nd but without the "forgive them" and "part as friends".

musouka 2003-11-06 02:26

Man, forget all you nice people! I want to see Haruka kick some ass! :p

GUTB_ 2003-11-06 02:27

Haruka: "Okay, let me get this straight: you hung on to my boyfriend and made him spend time with you when you knew I was waiting for him, which got me involved in an accident. I see you're still wearing that ring, how sweet. So after a year with me in a coma you two start sleeping together and have been steady for the last two years. So, may I assume we are officially broken up? I want a clear concious before I go ahead and by a gun to shoot you both dead."

Mentar 2003-11-06 03:41

Would it be okay to generally add a line "none of the above" to your polls? :)

IMHO she should try to be herself, trying to recreate the magic in order to win back Takayuki. If it works, great, and if it doesn't work, forgive them and part as friends.

Now where should I cast my vote? See the problem?

Tboz 2003-11-06 06:24


If it happens, I guess she will pretend to accept and forgive them, but cry herself to bed each night.

She is just too shy and soft-spoken to kick up too big a racket. :)

KendoFoxx 2003-11-06 10:25

I couldn't really find my true answer up there, but I picked that she should move on. 3 years have passed and living in the past accomplishes nothing, only leaving regrets. But at the same time I don't think she should give up right away, since its still necessary to find out how the guy really feels.

Kensuke 2003-11-06 10:30

She should try to win Takayuki back, but not rush it. Entirely other question is that will Takayuki fall for her again. I wish that he will not, he should stay with Mitsuki, but I don't think that is going to happen... Haruka and Takayuki were together first, allthough Mitsuki has turned down all others and feels only for Takayuki.

Makes me think how Haruka will find out the truth, maybe Akane will tell her, but considering what has happened so far in the series, I think it will come out at the worst possible moment and worst possible way...

Kyuven 2003-11-06 12:19

i don't like Takayuki, so i voted the 4th option

Durandal 2003-11-06 15:11

I don't think she'll be mentally stable enough for a real relationship. Well then again neither is Takayuki.

Koshiba 2003-11-06 18:58

Well.. I'm not sure but I kind of want everyone to stay friends in the end. ^^; Is that too much to ask for? lol. Can't we all be friends? xD

wireless 2003-11-06 21:31

I picked kick some ass. :)
I don't care about 'living in the past' or 'moving on', it only discredits what you truly want to do. She should do whatever she thinks would make her happiest, if that is getting back together with Takayuki, go for it. She shouldn't care what other people think or living in the past. In her world she was just with Takayuki yesterday.
Did anyone even see the fourth episode? How Takayuki reacted to her waking up? It seemed that he wanted to get back together with her, that he just wanted to change the past and patiently wait all over again for her to wakeup. That scene is really in favor of Haruka. It is very possible for them to get back together.

ZGMF-10A 2003-11-06 21:35

slap some sense into that blue haired bitch.. such a back-stabber ....... damn loser who can't get her own boyfriend....

juri_miki 2003-11-07 02:29


Originally Posted by Durandal
I don't think she'll be mentally stable enough for a real relationship. Well then again neither is Takayuki.

He'll never be ready for any true relationship. He's a nut case himself.

I voted for the last option. I doubt that'll ever happen, but the thought of it was really cool.

But they do say that you have to watch out for th "quiet ones."

z-kun 2003-11-07 14:35

So it seems you guys forgot an important fact.
Haruka still has some serious amnesia, I really doubt that she would/could understand the current state of the situation, and even if she could she would forget it in 5 minutes. This amnesia thing has something ev0l behind it, i feel it. I don't think that Haruka can be her old self for some time. Interesting tho, that her love for Takayuki still exists. Other interesting facts are that she didn't even notice how Akane has grown [especially physically :D ] and Mitsuki had cut her hair... Isn't that a weee bit strange? :twitch: :hmm:

Kyuven 2003-11-07 14:43

remember that Mitsuki always said she hated having long hair. Haruka probably expected she would cut it one day (i know i saw it coming a mile away...the one with the shortest hair is closest to Takayuki...)

CrazyFlamer 2003-11-07 15:20

Maybe I missed the whole point lol. I thought during the time she was in the coma was the only time she didn't remember. So when she woke up her memory would be just fine, though she doesn't realize how much time has passed yet. So when she gets back on her feet, she's not going to be happy at all. Though she'll prolly try to keep it all inside till it kills her. You have to keep in mind she loved this guy long before he ever even knew it.

Also.. whatever the guy name is lol. I'm bad with names as you can see. Anyway, did it seem to you that he didn't really love the blue haired girl. Like he was just trying to move on but yet stuck and lost. Most of the time the blue haired girl was leading him along. As if she was taken advantage of him, realized she was doing it, but didn't want to be without him. Like when they first had sex. It didn't seem that was what he wanted.. also didn't seem that he was in the mood to stop it. Kind of like he lost his dreams.. even quit school.

When she finds out that they've been dating. If she speaks up I believe they will be back together, for it's her he seems to love. For some reason I fear that she is just going to be quiet and lose everything.

Sorry, I'm just really getting into this show.

Kyuven 2003-11-07 15:35

one thing about comas is if you're in one for a long time, chances are you have brain damage. Haruka's memory was affected in this instance.
Also, since you don't use your body for all that time (if you've seen Kill Bill you should know SOMETHING about what happens to your body if you go into a coma...though they only got the legs right)
it'll be a LONG time before she can walk, and a lot of treatment to recover her memory.
of course...this IS anime

both of the girls seem to like Takayuki more than he likes them, since this is based off an H-game, the hero tends to come off as a bit of a jerk if he's made into an actual character (in the game i think his hair always covered his face if he was on screen)

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