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godakame 2006-04-29 00:44

Air - Merchandise (Figurines, Artbooks, OSTs, etc.)
Thread dedicated to Air related merchandise - including... art books, figurines, games, manga, plushies, CDs, OSTs, DVDs, etc., or if you know where you can find such items, then please post here.

For music related items, please check the following sites:
If you can read Japanese, then you can also try:

Please Note: This thread is for official merchandise only, no bootlegs or cheap illegal imitations!

Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums (albeit a long time lurker), but had to post something about my new acquisition: Air artbook (the one for the game, not the tv or movie artbook). My friend from Japan came to visit and brought along some goodies which included the artbook. The artbook is much better than the movie and tv artbooks. It came with a hard cover case thing that the artbook can be inserted into. Very nice. The book itself is much bigger than the movie/tv one, in terms of size and content-- its thick.

I was a bit suprised at first when I was looking throught it. It had naked pictures of Misuzu and the other characters, and other pictures with the characters engaged in very proacitave situations. I then remember that the anime was based off an h-game and obviously I was looking at the AIR game artbook. I suppose these pictures were taken from the game. Aside from the echhi stuff, excellent art. High quality paper too. So far it is my favorite out of my 3 other AIR artbooks I own. BTW there is a sketch book type artbook out there as well. So if you ask me about the 3rd one its that one I refer to.

If anyone else owns any of the other artbooks, how much did you pay for them? I showed my friend the sketch book AIR artbook (which I bought for $30 usd), and he tells me it would cost him 500 yen ($5 usd) in Japan.

Minoto 2006-04-29 02:37

I recently ordered the game and TV artbooks from; after shipping and everything, they came to about ¥7100, which was a little over USD 61.00 at the time. It's true, if the anime was your introduction to the story (as it was for me too), the game artbook definitely shows you a very different side of the characters. And on one hand, you can say that that's how they really were originally, but on the other hand, it wasn't the adult content that got it voted game of the year two years in a row in Japan...instead, it was the story. Either way, I think there's enough beautiful work in there for it to be worth owning regardless of one's opinion regarding the adult portions.

I haven't bought the movie artbook yet, because I didn't really care for the visual style of the movie as much, but I'll probably end up buying it eventually, just because. The manga has me curious, too, and it's cheap enough (at ¥567, from the same source as above) that I could probably justify buying that and a few other things for, um, reading practice. Yeah, that's it... ;)

godakame 2006-04-29 12:38

I did try to order some stuff off a while ago, I was to stupid to navigate through it, so I gave up. I wish I knew how to read Japanese, but sadly I can't. I suppose I can get a translator, but then again I'm lazy. Meh. It would be nice not having to pay triple the retail price that some online stores are asking for. Beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

The art style in the AIR manga is kinda ugly. The same person who did the Kashimashi manga is at least doing the art in the AIR manga. Their eyes arent big enough in the manga I tell ya! That and they're chubby-looking. Even though I say that I still want to check it out.

Leo_Otaku 2006-04-29 12:43

Items will usually have the yen price on it. It may have had a 500 yen price someplace on the back. Th game artbook is rare so not sure of current value the TV and movie artbooks are around 3000 yen or so.

Minoto 2006-04-30 19:53

My Japanese reading comprehension isn't very good yet either, but I kind of got lucky and stumbled across reviews of the books that included their ISBN numbers, which made them much easier to locate. In case it'll help anyone:

Air Art Works (game): 4894903180
Air on TV artbook: 4861272114
Air Movie artbook: 4861271738

As far as goes, finding what you want seems to be more difficult than buying it once you do...once you locate it, the rest of the process is close enough to how it is on the English site, and there's enough help along the way that it's not too hard. This may not be a good thing, though, as it's ended up costing me a lot of money over the last few months... :(

godakame 2006-04-30 21:30


Originally Posted by Minoto
This may not be a good thing, though, as it's ended up costing me a lot of money over the last few months... :(

Hehe, I know what you mean. Last year I spent roughly 3g on manga/artbooks alone; I am quite ashamed of myself :uhoh:. I've calmed down this year, restricting myself only to a few select title, obviously AIR being one of them. But it does seem my AIR collection is complete, and now I pray that someone licenses the anime, so I can start collecting the anime.

Shiokaze 2006-05-06 00:35

Where to buy Minagi Figure?
I was wondering where I could buy a Minagi Figure. There was one at Cd but that was the only one I could find. Does anyone know of any other places I could find one?

andiyar 2006-05-06 01:19

If there was, rest assured, I'd have it. The only one I've seen is the resin kit that CD Japan is still carrying - there's nothing complete that I've seen. Personally, I'd love to see a completed PVC version of that kit (I think it's a Kotobikuya one), as well as a Kanna one as well... sigh.

Even better would be a licensing deal for AIR - but a Minagi figurine would be nice.


Shiokaze 2006-05-06 02:17

Well, I found this picture from
I think it said that the figure was from but was there a while ago.

paTKany 2006-05-08 13:39

3 new AIR figurines available for preorder at HLJ:
one of them is Minagi

Shiokaze 2006-05-08 14:58


Originally Posted by paTKany
3 new AIR figurines available for preorder at HLJ:
one of them is Minagi

You are god. Looks like I made this topic at the right time and the price is just great too.

Shiroth 2006-05-08 19:55


Originally Posted by paTKany
3 new AIR figurines available for preorder at HLJ:
one of them is Minagi

I must say thanking you for the link - i always find it hard searching for Air stuf on HLJ - time for me to backorder the Air school uniform. ^_^;;

nani 2006-05-10 11:16


Originally Posted by Angelsama
.....time for me to backover the Air school uniform. ^_^;;

This one?

Do you own a SD?

Shiroth 2006-05-12 16:01


Originally Posted by nani
Do you own a SD?

Sorry.. not to sure what you're on about. ^^;

Minoto 2006-07-15 10:51

They're here!
So who else ended up preordering all three from hlj? :D

Shiroth 2006-07-15 14:01

Are they actually still in stock on HLJ.. or was that a backorder?

Edit: In stock & new - thats a order. ^^

Minoto 2006-07-15 19:46


Originally Posted by Angelsama
Are they actually still in stock on HLJ.. or was that a backorder?

It was actually a preorder, made not long after paTKany mentioned that they were on the site. HLJ was expecting a June release, but it got delayed by about a month. Well worth the wait, though...

Shiroth 2006-07-15 20:24

I checked and edited my post.. ^^;

They're damn nice though, shall have to place a order myself.

andiyar 2006-07-16 00:26

Yes, I've ordered Minagi & Misuzu, to be shipped with my Atelier-Sai Asa Shigure figurine at the end of August. ^^


nani 2006-07-26 11:43

Misuzu action figure from CZone available for pre-ordering.

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