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Lord Raiden 2003-12-20 20:00

Anime Tracker Script - Help??
Just wondering if anyone was interested in helping me finish my script. I'm about 90% done but my nix box is down for maintenance (worthless IBM drives. *grumble, grumble*) so I'm kinda at a standstill. I posted about this in another thread, but it seems to have gotten ignored. Here's the script if anyone wants to look at it.

Anime Tracker Script

It's setup to download and search the animesuki main page for the latest anime and send you an email as soon as it sees anything you're wanting to follow. Haven't been able to add the mailer script yet, and I was about halfway through the 5th part of the script that takes the stripped down data rendered by the first 4 parts and compares it to a users wishlist and the "already seen" list that tells the script if that entry has already been seen the last time the script pulled down its data. This part will prevent the script from posting previously listed new animes.

I'm also trying to make the script user friendly to the Animesuki site so that it won't do something crazy and crush Animesuki's servers. ^_^;; Not like that'll happen the way I've got it setup, but better safe than sorry. :)

So if anyone wants to help, or at least give me feedback on the script, that would be welcome. My biggest issue right now I think is just completing the last parts of it and then downsizing the code a bit. I have a habit of writing somewhat bloated code to start with just to get it working, then I go back and clean up the code to make it as lean and clean as possible. You guys are welcome to use the script once it's done too. It only currently runs on *nix, so if you have a windows or mac machine, you may have to rewrite it a tad for your system. :)

Arigatoo Gozaimasu everyone!

Forse 2003-12-20 20:35

I can help ;) I'll download a script and see what I can do ^_^ Also if u need testing I could do it on my Gentoo server :p

you can contact me at or ;)

Lord Raiden 2003-12-20 22:09

Thanks!! Just emailed you about the script. :)

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