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babybro 2006-04-30 09:52

Specific Tastes, Please Help.
Hi, I like anime's, but it seem most of the animes as of now has an older brother, little sister, after a while, it gets old and tiring. (as weared out as the harem genre LOL) Anyway, I was wondering if there is any recent anime that has an older sister, little brother? Does not have to be drama, can be any genra, action, comedy, etc. And it does not even have to have one as the main characters. I just want to see something refreshing. Please provide recent anime's by the way. I have older ones such as inuyasha *kohaku and kikyou story is excellent* and Mai Hime * Another good one* So please provide feeback, thank you!

Anh_Minh 2006-04-30 09:58

To Heart 2.
The Law of Ueki.
Yakitate Japan.

nixie 2006-04-30 11:19

Paradise Kiss - lol, the little brother only has brief cameo appearances, maybe just 2 brief ones iirc.

Shinigami no Ballad - It's episodic. I can't remember which episode has that oneechan-otoutou story though.

Blood+ - I think, Saya and that lil boy are family eventhough they are not blood-related. (haven't seen this since first few episodes..)

This is old, probably not worth watching, but I'll mention it anyway. :P
Shadow Skill - not blood-related, but they are as good as real siblings.

ps: Wow, you made me realize that older sis- younger bro pair is so rare!

Matrim 2006-04-30 13:15

Rozen Maiden (although the sister is not exactly behaving less childishly than her brother in most cases :)).

physics223 2006-04-30 13:17

I really, really think you'd like Ouran Koukou Host Club or Ouran High School Host Club. It's about a girl that looks good as a guy that acts like a guy to repay a debt. It's pure comedy. :)

babybro 2006-04-30 14:05

Thanks for the recommendation, and definitely keep it coming, anh, can you give a little info about the anime's you just recommended? And who are the little brothers in it? I goggled the animes and came up with zip! :frustrated:

And definitely bring on more recommendations, the more, the merrier for sure.

Anh_Minh 2006-04-30 19:54

To Heart 2: the main's best male friend has a big sister, who acts as the big sister for the whole group of friends. (Though the way she treats every person is appallingly different...)

The Law of Ueki: The main character has a big sister. (He's adopted, but she dotes on him all the same. Also, they're all crazy to some degree in that family. But she doesn't appear much. And only in the last eps.)

Yakitate Japan: the main character has a big sister. She doesn't appear much, but they seem to get along.

Thought of others, not so recent:
Midori no Hibi: the main character has a big sister, who's a worse delinquent than he is.

Fruits Basket: one of the main female's female best friends has a little brother.

miaka 2006-05-01 11:57

Gintama- currently ongoing....Shinpachi has an older sister that Rock! The anime is action comedy sci-fi with a mixture of past and future. Its manga is serialized in weekly shounen Jump so you'll notice scenes with jump comic.

babybro 2006-05-02 06:13

wow, thanks for the suggestions, if anyone has anymore, i will definitely appreciate it, im trying to download to heart 2 with very little luck haha, as well as a couple others. (bittorent isnt what it use to be lol)

DraGnaR 2006-05-04 06:52

u can try this one
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
its kinda like older sis ( bos of the house ) and 1 brother ( cant say more ore els its a spoiler )
realy if u like som action this one,s good 4 u ;)
som drama ( not a lot )

i tink this one wil be a good one 4 u ;)

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