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Kempis Curious 2003-12-20 23:06

Two ?s about FMP Fumoffu
And the two questions are:

1. Is this anime doing well in Japan?

2. Is there a special reason as to why the animation quality is so high? I think it's one of the most beautiful high school comedy animes I've ever seen.



Lord Raiden 2003-12-21 00:49

Eh? Uh, someone's been asleep. :)

1. The anime has been done for a couple of months. FMP is licenced, FMP:F will be soon. But yeah, the series did well, but it's only 14 episodes and has ended.

2. Uh, well. Probubly because of the studio who did it. They do a great job at their animations and don't take second best on anything.

3. There's a forum for FMP posts btw. Although that may disappear here soon or get moved to the licenced/dvd forum as there's no sign of a FMP S2 yet.

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