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ChibiGoku 2006-05-02 22:54

Super Mario Brothers Movie (1986) Anime Discussion
Talk about long time for it to be released out on the net. Only the first 20 minutes, but it's better then nothing, I suppose....

Anywho thoguhts so far?

jbstuff 2007-05-22 00:16

Not that I'm one to revive dead threads. However I think this is probably worth talking about. Oh, by the way, hey, I'm new here. :)

You can actually find the full anime on youtube split in seven parts. I saw another old thread on this topic and people were confusing this with the Super Mario Super Show (which I was a big fan of as a kid)--this Mario anime was released only in Japan and is considered uber-rare even there.

After some clever effort (okay, not so clever...firefox plugin and flv converter and video joiner) I managed to get the full thing as a single video file.

It'd be awesome if this were subbed, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon.

However, otherwise, it's pretty quirky and fun to watch.


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