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xris 2006-05-09 13:59

Ouran Host Club Episode 1 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Ouran Host Club, Episode 1.

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Shredder 2006-06-03 22:39

Hmm I just started this, but the main character reminds me of Yuki from Fruits Basket. Very similar it seems

heh ok I just discovered that in addition to the looks, the voices are in fact the same

Dagger 2006-06-03 23:17


Originally Posted by Shredder
Hmm I just started this, but the main character reminds me of Yuki from Fruits Basket. Very similar it seems

heh ok I just discovered that in addition to the looks, the voices are in fact the same

Haruhi is played by Maaya Sakamoto (Hitomi in Escaflowne, Reika in RahXephon, etc). Yuki Sohma is played by Aya Hisakawa (Kero-chan in Cardcaptor Sakura, Miki in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon, etc).

Shredder 2006-06-03 23:29

I see now; animenfo is mistaken on this one then

misakichii 2006-06-07 17:46

hmm...i started to watch this anime because i read a little of the manga. well the first episode sure gave off a good impression. it made me wanted to continue to watch it. so that's what i'm doin' now. man! i'm lovin' it!!!!!!

Shredder 2006-06-07 19:52

really? I got through a few eps and quit

Taylor-- 2006-06-07 20:19

For me, I watched episode one and honestly wasn't that impressed, but I kept watching and it gets much better :)

Shredder 2006-06-07 23:06

I watched about 5 and then quit--couldn't stand those twins, and the girl lead wasn't good looking. I did like the blonde and black haired (financial) guys though. I didn't find much humor or romance, but I liked the unique genteel aspect of this series

misakichii 2006-06-21 02:23

hmm....i like the twins though. the only thing that i don't like about them is when they put on that gay act for their host. but otherwise i do like them. i guess what i like most about them is when they trick tamaki to do dumb things.

aliensporebomb 2006-08-11 11:10

Weird, but generally has potential.


Oh well.

i0td 2006-08-30 09:15

I just watched the first episode and I found it pretty entertaining, even though I don't completely fancy the idea of a host club. However, the twist here with Haruhi makes this series appeal to me.

On another note, I really enjoyed the scene when the students distinctly point out the differences between the rich and the commoners. That got a laugh out of me.

deathsSt4lker 2006-10-26 18:38

being gay
this show should have a warning if your a guy watch if your a gay man i saw 1 second and i already turned it off in the first minute of watching they are littaraly gay so us guys shouldnt watch it u can swear at me and block but i aint watching it my freind thinks its funny i still wont watch it it makes me sick :eek: i still cant forget gross sick show

David Johnston 2006-11-15 04:05


Originally Posted by aliensporebomb (Post 643995)
Weird, but generally has potential.


Oh well.


Wing_Goddess 2006-12-09 04:25

i was randomly rewatching episode 1 tonight, and i found out that at 12:55 One twin says something in Hikaru's voice, and then the same twin talks in the RIGHT voice which was Kaoru's. XD

When_love_crys 2007-03-12 04:37

Ouran host club
Is it nice this anime though, is it really worth to watch????!!!!

johanath 2007-03-24 09:35

I may be absolutely missing something here, but why did Tamaki say that Haruhi was gay, just because Haruhi shouted at 'Honey' senpai? Honey senpai only referred to Haruhi as Haru-chan which (as far as I'm concerned) is only an 'affectionate' term. What was the justification for Tamaki's comment based on Haruhi's reaction?

cheerio_888 2007-03-25 08:58

I rate it a perfect ten. Why?
Because I was hooked into watching the entire series just because of its first episode!:D

johanath 2007-03-25 18:47

Could someone please answer my question? :(

charlieootori 2007-10-22 16:32

i loved this episode.

i saw it and i was hooked

the whole being initated into the host club thing was brilliant

Oppius 2008-01-26 08:41

I found this show was overrated but I still too early to say so.

Spoiler for My first impression on Ouran High School Host Club:

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