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Internet 2006-05-13 22:43

Do I win the Internets? [Art]
My art.
C&C appreciated :)

Agent 1337- Pic is large

My version of the FD3S


MS Paint Fun ^_^ Time skip Naruto

Recognize this? Yeah, Vasperado's Obito.

Kurosaki Ichigo- Dumbned down version of Zangetsu

Zero Shinohara 2006-05-13 23:27

I actually like your stile, especially the pic below your Naruto oekaki; that one is very very good.

You've also got nice, consistent lineart in your inked pics, so that's another point.

I only think you could work a little bit on your body proportion. The characters seem to have shrunk a little bit, if you get what I mean. Take Ichigo's pic for example. If you lower his waistline and left arm, that'd be one hell of a Ichigo pic.

There goes my 2 cents, keep it up :D

x_Kamari 2006-05-14 09:44

I love them there all really good. My favs are Ichigo and Obito. =)
Keep up the good work.

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