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hellyee 2003-12-21 23:52

kimi nozomu ending song
does anyone know where i can get the ending song?
i've already downloaded all the osts released and i believe i never saw the ending song yet..

NightWish 2003-12-22 00:10

Now, you see ... you are asking for what we consider illegal materials (Ripped Music CDs/Tracks) which is against the rules (See Rule #2). I suggest you have a look for a site selling Anime CDs and then buy the CD with the ending song on it. Most good sites give you a track listing so I'm sure you can find the CD with the exact track you are after.

Thread Closed.

Edit: I'm not going to re-open the thread but I thought you might want to check this out as it claims to have the outro on it?

(I just re-read your post; maybe I misread it before or you edited it while I was posting... either way I just realised that you didn't directly ask for a download; I just assumed that is what you wanted from the fact you say you "download" all of the others available. As I'm not giving you the benefit of the doubt I hope the link is of some help.)

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