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Gryff 2006-05-23 09:41

What happens when your favourite anime is made with all relevant plot points in reverse order?! You get cool new shows.


Vash's brother Knives is unconsious in bed, after he wakes up he fights Vash.
They split up and wander around avoiding each other while vash heals people with his miracle beam gun.

He simultanously heals whole cities of dead people and is offered millions of dollars, bored he decides to fight knives,they make up create a space ship out of debris and fly back to earth.

Initial D

The worlds best street racer slowly loses his skills and races to a bunch of increasingly old and bad cars, eventually he moves back in with his dad and delivers tofu and goes back to school.

Great Teacher Onizuka
A wacky ex-pat returns from teaching in America and causes his students to turn criminally insane until they almost kill him and he leaves the school to become a truck driver for a day before he recieves an offer from a biker gang to become their leader and beat people up.

Feel free to add your own ;)

C.A. 2006-05-23 09:51

Erm heres a try...

Haruhi Suzumiya is a girl who hates espers, aliens and time travellers. She lives in a world where everyone is an esper, time travels and is currently invaded by aliens. On the last day of school she tells everyone that she hates espers, aliens and time travellers and asks normal people to join her. She dismantles SOS dan, a school organisation she created to seek out and destroy espers, aliens and time travellers.

lol thats as far as I can go, I'd have to reverse entire time lines, turn the universe inside out in order to further complicate the already chaotic plot.

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