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elite-dreams 2006-05-24 22:01

Can someone explain to me about the Loveless anime cuz it wasnt excatly complete cuz the manga is still going but the anime was so good its just that so many things werent explained, like in the end where they showed Seimei when he was supposed to be dead. i hope there gana make another series on it since he anime isnt really considered complete. and yea the manga is still releasing so i could the manga as well not exatly sure where the anime left off in the manga :confused: plz someone can help me out here.

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elite-dreams 2006-05-25 14:51

>.< 4get about the what i asked on the last thread. Then does anyone know where the anime left off in the manga?? cuz id like to pick off at that chapter in the manga unless anyone knows if the finishing series are gana be released(second season[series]) many questions werent excatly answered probably cuz the manga is still going thats why id really want to no wat happends next.

Loveless17 2010-12-29 00:45

well the anime is a little different, In the manga, there is a point where ritskua dreams about his friends being hurt (i think inside the school) but it doesnt say anything about Soubi trying to kill him. I dont remmber exactly what chapter but it should be sometime after he plays that computer game. And yes, I have heard that they are considering making a second season but that the author wants to wait until he has finished the manga so he wont be overworked.

Hope this helped :]

Shiroth 2010-12-29 06:05

Why are you replying to a post from 2006? :p

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