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BaronNoir 2006-05-28 13:29

Ůpcoming serie : TIME JAM
A french Japan production....

Time-Jam, first hand, looks a lot like a conventionnal SF serie. Unless you consider that this is based on the BEST SF french comic, ''Valérian''. I'm searching for's supposed to be out this year.

The basic material of Time Jam (IE, Valérian) is very good.

-An heroine for which the word ''hot'' seems to have been invented : Laureline (who is also far from being an air-head) She could compete with any ''traditionnal'' anime girl (well, maybe not with Kirika or Rei, but...)
-An original presentation of alien species
-An most original conception of...God. (suffice to say that the core gimmik of the comic book is that Humanity is on the verge of threatening the power of certain beings...)

Potential cons
-the comic book was very obviouslty quite liberal oriented. (I don't see trouble with this....)

wao 2006-05-28 20:03

I read about it on ANN. The Japanese side of production is the company Satelight. The official website/blog is in French, this is the main page : But there's this (for me, anyway) EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW FLASH on it which loads and plays at the same time and there's no control buttons. So if you want to see it just leave it alone until it's entirely done and then refresh the page and watch the flash in its unlagginess. It's some sort of pilot film thingy.

Fighter Volk 2006-05-29 18:19

The pilot looked cool but I don't really like the character designs. I'll check it out when the time comes, though.

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