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dasthegreen 2003-11-06 04:43

Custon Avatar?
hey how do i do a custom avatar, i don't see the otpion for it.

NoSanninWa 2003-11-06 04:57

If you'd read the Forum Rules and FAQ you'd know that you have to activate the account by e-mail before you can assign a custom avatar.

dasthegreen 2003-11-06 06:10

no offense but if you'd care to notice that to post you have to have finished registering you would already know that i have completed it through my email.

NoSanninWa 2003-11-06 06:32

Based on what people have been saying I wasn't sure that was still true with the new forum software. Anyway, if you've bothered to read the Forum Rules and FAQ as I suggested, then you should have the answer for how to use a custom avatar.

GHDpro 2003-11-06 15:39

Well... to cool down the situation a bit... I was going to post earlier:
"But since you can post, that means you've activated it, so check the User CP again..."

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