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eternal 2006-06-06 09:51

Oi,your current and general top 7 anime are?Need anime now...
Having my semester break,have been watching all sorts of anime,but before was mostly just catching up what i've been left behind (naruto,bleach,blood+)

I watch almost any anime,i like Gundam(damn,great story!great music!),kannazuki no miko,naruto,Noir,haruhi suzumiya,just promise me it has good plot.But i really don't like tsubasa chronicles that kind of drama though,they are spoiling yuki kaijura's music!:frustrated: sorry,it's my problem ^^

okay here goes,my current top 7 :
1.Strawberry panic (oh,i'm a shoujo ai fan,that's why)
2.Suzumiya haruhi (funny)
3.Shakugan no shana (i know it's not current,ermm,i was left behind)
4.Blood+ (somehow think it's great)
5.Naruto (just because everyone watches it)
6.Bleach (to kill time?)
7.Simoun? (just because i'm a shoujo ai fan)

General top 7
1.Noir (Yuki kaijura!! Bee Train!!)
2.Madlax ( " " !! " " !!)
3.Gundam SEED & Destiny
4.Revolutionary girl Utena (good shoujo ai story)
5.My hime
6.Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito
7.kannazuki no miko

Yeah i think i include most of the shoujo ai series but you guys need not to recommend any shoujo ai story since it's so limited.

I just don't wanna miss out the great animes,be it a current show or an old one.

And yeah ,i'm those Noir,Madlax Gundam type of fan(not mecha though),i like those plots,politics,complexity.

thanks in advance

physics223 2006-06-06 10:00

(1) Shingetsutan Tsukihime - I'm pretty sure with this; this is my only choice that's pretty much set in stone.
(2) Cowboy Bebop
(3) Rozen Maiden: Traumend and Rozen Maiden
(4) Samurai Champloo - love the music and the story
(5) Ocean Waves
(6) Hiatari Ryoukou
(7) Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

jedinat 2006-06-06 13:22

1. Trigun/Juuni Kokuki/Full Moon wo Sagashite
2. Hellsing/Ultimate
3. Haibane Renmei
4. Hachimitsu to Clover
6. Azumanga Daiou
7. Rurouni Kenshin/Tsuiokuhen

I guess that's if I had to pick... there are some other anime that I could very easily put in the 4 - 7 positions.

Current top 7:
1. Blood+
2. Mushishi
3. Witchblade
4. Ouran Koukou Host Club
5. Black Lagoon
6. Nana
7. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
(Oohh... I really want to put xxxHOLiC, The Third, and Saiunkoku Monogatari up there, but they don't fit :()

C.A. 2006-06-06 13:27

1. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
2. Top Wo Nerae! 2
3. One Piece
4. Eureka 7
5. Yuusha Oh Gaogaigar FINAL
6. Yuusha Oh Gaogaigar
7. <Too many other anime that I wish to keep on this list>

Futaba-chan 2006-06-06 13:51

1. Simoun
2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
3. Ouran High School Host Club
4. Nana
5. Saiunkoku Monogatari
6. Princess Princess
7. I can't really recommend Strawberry Panic, but I'm only watching seven shows from the current season, and it's #7. I will admit that it's fun to snark about how incredibly awful it is. You might do better watching something from a previous season, like Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~....

Zu Ra 2006-06-06 15:03

Ongoing Picks :

Kamisama Kazoku : Good funny Love Story
Ameanaideyo Katsu : Good Harem type Comedy
xxxHOLiC : Horror / Comedy *
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni : Horror/Mystery **

( * If you are planning to watch only one Anime this summer
** If you are planning to watch more than one Anime this summer ^_^ )

JerseyDevil 2006-06-06 16:35

Favorite On-Going Titles:
1. Blood+
2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
3. Black Lagoon
4. Ouran High School Host Club
5. Utawarerumono
6. Eureka Seven (I hear it's finished now, but I'm only up to ep 30 or so)
7. Hellsing Ultimate

General Favorites:
1. Cowboy Bebop
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Full Metal Panic! (including Fumoffu! and TSR)
4. Gundam MS08th Team
5. Read or Die (OVA and TV)
6. Now and Then, Here and There
7. Princess Mononoke

rooboy 2006-06-06 16:52

I'm assuming that you're asking for our favorites, not necessarily the ones we think are best.
1. Higurashi - Boy, going from Episode 1 to Episode 2 was quite a shock.
2. Black Lagoon - I don't understand the Noir comparisons, it seems a lot more like Bebop to me
3. Haruhi - Started off great, but hasn't really maintained as well as I expected it to, still, it is KyoAni.
4. Ouran High Host Club - Going into the season I expected that School Rumble would be my favorite comedy. Out of nowhere this is the funniest shoujo manga I've ever read - it even has my wife cramped into my room to watch the newest episodes.
5. Utawarerumono - Has a nice mythic, LotR feel
6. Juh Oh Sei - Great survival sci-fi setting.
7. xxxHOLiC - Love the theme, the animation and the overall style the series exudes.
(like jedinat, I have a ton of series that could go in 6 or 7, including the Third, Nana, Tsubasa season 2, and School Rumble season 2)
1. R.O.D. (Primarily based on the TV, but I enjoy the OVA as well)
2. Full Metal Panic (including both Fumoffu and the Second Raid)
3. Noir
4. Full Metal Alchemist
5. Cowboy Bebop
6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (and 2nd GiG)
7. School Rumble

physics223 2006-06-06 19:37

Oh, here's my choices for the current anime running:
  1. Ouran High School Host Club - I fervently wait for this every single week; it's a fun show.
  2. Black Lagoon! - I was weighing between this and Ouran for my top one this season, but Ouran wins as I'm watching it pretty consistently compared to this. This is still very well made, however: it's action-packed w/ a story.
  3. Kamisama Kazoku - Tenko is among the more complex characters in romances I've seen recently, and despite the comedy is an underlying all-too-human take on love.
  4. Ju Oh Sei - I've been tempted to put this one at the top; however, knowing that the story's been compressed and sped up doesn't aid in the rankings.
  5. Ergo Proxy - It's slowly becoming a good show, especially with the arrival of episode 13.
  6. Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore no Tsubasa - I love a sweet, feelgood romance.
  7. Akagi! - It's pretty much a refreshing take on Mahjong, an exotic Oriental game, and it conveys a well-made ambiance that pervades the show: the darkness, the desolation, and even the character design portend dark and nasty things from people in the show.

To explain yesterday's choice:
  1. Shingetsutan Tsukihime pretty much is the vampire anime: it intuitively creates an antithesis for all the vampire stereotypes out there: the vampire is a woman, wilful, yet caring and loving: she is one that possesses a heart to love and to yearn for it. Another thing is its story: although far from flawless, how it is told reminds me of Faulkner who's among my favorite authors. To boot, the romance between the main characters is nothing short of painful yet beautiful. People have complained about the plot-holes: I didn't see any; as long as one's perceptive, he'll see and understand - and everything is inside the anime.
  2. Cowboy Bebop has among the greatest animation I've seen - and that's with a lot of anime seen. What is life? What is living? These are all answered despite the jokes and fatuous kicks the main characters have. It's a bittersweet experience to watch.

I'll continue with the remaining five later on. Whew - that was a brainful. :|

DarthAndy 2006-06-06 22:12

Current Favorites:
2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
3. Kamisama Kazoku
4. The Third: Aoi Hitomo no Shoujo
5. Black Lagoon
6. Tsubasa Chronicle
7. School Rumble s2

General Favorites:
1. Shakugan no Shana
2. Canvas 2
3. Tenjou Tenge
4. Full Metal Panic!
5. Kiddy Grade
6. Green Green
7. Chrono Crusade

eternal 2006-06-06 22:51

Oh ,forgot to mention,i like Kiddy Grade too!! How nostalgic!!!

okay,i have added a few shows to my to-watch list now : lagoon ( hey do you recommend this for Noir fan?)
2.Ergo proxy (i used to keep 2 episodes in my computer but deleted it cause i've got no time,
maybe i'll just give it another try)
3.cowboy bepop (i know it's a classic but by the time i started to watch anime there's tons of new current shows,heh)
Regarding ouran high school host club...i know it's a comedy,but i'm not that person who really watch comedy.However i accept either witty jokes or really silly(not just pure silly,need to be outrageous) like Great Teacher Onizuka(my always no.1 manga). Is ouran high school host club includes romance? If so,i think i'll pass.

Physics,you really like shingestutan tsukihime eh...,i've watched it gave me a calm feeling and dark too.I won't say it's good or bad,it's okay for a dark-plot series,and yes i would like to watch more of this shows ^^

miaka 2006-06-06 23:55

my current favorite
1. Nishi no yoki majo - fantasy fairy tale setting
2. Saiunkoku Monogatari - politics, historical, comedy, romance
3. Ouran High school host club - comedy
4. Tsubasa chronicle, xxxholics - love clamp's work
5. Gintama , bleach - both from shounen jump magazine. gintama is more inclined in comedy side.
6. The Third, utawarerumono
7. Glass no kantai - space action

yume tsukai also has some shoujo ai theme. I am not so sure on its quality and plots because i only watched 2 episodes.

Mousuke 2006-06-07 00:14

1. Cowboy Bebop (overall, my favorite
2. Ergo Proxy (still going, sooooooo good!)
3. Samurai Champloo (plain awesomeness
4. Texhnolyze (still watching this one, it's a total mindf*ck)
5. Bleach
6. FMP?Fumoffu/FMP:TSR
7. Trigun

eternal 2006-06-07 01:00

yume tsukai...are you sure it has shoujo ai? It looks boring to me...

regarding ergo proxy...i wonder how good it can be?
can anyone describe without adding spoilers?


I have a top 7 serious-type anime list:

3.Gundam SEED & Destiny
4.Serial experimental lain
5.Kino's travel
6.Haibane Renmei
7.Air tv (the reason why i put it on 7th is because the plot isn't as dark as Noir and Madlax but watching the girl suffering mentally is depressing enough)

physics223 2006-06-07 01:09


Originally Posted by eternal
Oh ,forgot to mention,i like Kiddy Grade too!! How nostalgic!!!

okay,i have added a few shows to my to-watch list now : lagoon ( hey do you recommend this for Noir fan?)
2.Ergo proxy (i used to keep 2 episodes in my computer but deleted it cause i've got no time,
maybe i'll just give it another try)
3.cowboy bepop (i know it's a classic but by the time i started to watch anime there's tons of new current shows,heh)
Regarding ouran high school host club...i know it's a comedy,but i'm not that person who really watch comedy.However i accept either witty jokes or really silly(not just pure silly,need to be outrageous) like Great Teacher Onizuka(my always no.1 manga). Is ouran high school host club includes romance? If so,i think i'll pass.

Physics,you really like shingestutan tsukihime eh
...,i've watched it gave me a calm feeling and dark too.I won't say it's good or bad,it's okay for a dark-plot series,and yes i would like to watch more of this shows ^^

In bold is the understatement of the day ... :)

Unless you can stomach bad animation, horrible character design for the most part of the show, and a story involving sentai transformations, I suggest for you to stay away from this show if you can't live on plot alone. I should say that the plot of this series is quite strong, only that enjoyment is detracted because of the other glaring flaws. The thirteenth episode was the best, however. If you can stomach the ugliness of the first twelve episodes, and still hope that things may become better - this show's probably for you.

For me, it has been a major disappointment all season long, but thirteen may just be the turning point for it - if you could wait that long.

With Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop I've got no qualms. I am just warning you with Ergo Proxy, however.

jedinat 2006-06-07 01:29

Yeah seriously. I was too bored and stopped after a few episodes. The one thing I liked was the girl's eyes... not a significant enough reason to keep watching :p

...All those possibilities and you could only come up with those three to look at? I've seen all or part of nearly every anime listed. Most of them are quite good.

miaka 2006-06-07 01:41


Originally Posted by eternal
yume tsukai...are you sure it has shoujo ai? It looks boring to me...

i am sure first episode has shoujo-ai theme ( not so sure w/ the rest because its episodic). It may look boring with lots of oddness. :heh:

physics223 2006-06-07 02:39

Allow me to continue with my [unconfirmed] third to seventh placers in my all-time rankings of the best anime. Of course, this is subject to change: this isn't set in stone, but for now, this will do. Having awaken for more than six hours, my brain is more or less at its peak right now [despite me wanting to take a nap].
  • For one and two, see posts above.
  • Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden: Traumend - These anime are about dolls. Reading that line, perhaps one will be careful to avoid these anime. That was my mindset at first: because these anime have dolls as main characters, perhaps their target audience were little girls. One day, having nothing to do, and very tempted to watch a single episode, [thinking, what the hell, I may like it] I did. Never had I seen anime that portray anthropomorphy better than these two, and I have never gone back to that mindset. I marathoned all of the episodes of the first season despite having exams the next day - similarly, I marathoned the second season after it finished downloading. In the guise of dolls, human nature was very well painted. Through their actions, through their differences, through their love for each other as sisters, the whole spectrum of what is to be human is very well and aptly portrayed that I wondered why I didn't watch these anime sooner. I hope you don't make that mistake: Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden: Traumend are not only for girls - they are for everybody human. I'm still a man despite watching all of these - the dolls here are nothing more than purveyors of a universal message.
  • Samurai Champloo was another one of Shinichiro Watanabe's masterpieces. Whereas Cowboy Bebop dealt with a convergent diverging, Samurai Champloo dealt with a divergent converging. What does this mean? Watanabe was arguably a genius with Cowboy Bebop - he etched himself into demigod level, IMHO, with Samurai Champloo. He was able to chronicle the whole nature of man by presenting two sides of the same coin. He presented two different scenarios, one with Cowboy Bebop, and the other with Samurai Champloo. So, what did he present?

    In Samurai Champloo, he simply presented that even amidst independent people, synergy can be created. You'd first think that the main characters didn't give a damn with their companion main characters, and it was a fact that they didn't. They wanted to move on with their lives, because they were bounded only by circumstance and sheer misfortune. Yet they managed to grow - they managed to escape out of their inner walls and reach out to the people outside them, the proximal people who had been with them for a long time. Of course, as usual, the all-serious mood was tempered by comedic fillers, but when push came to shove, they held on - and together, as friends, as a team, they triumphed.

    This is the exact opposite with Cowboy Bebop, where their stay with one another only increased their separation with one another, as they didn't want to compromise, but to stay independent. It's a tragedy of sorts: not only a tragedy with lives lost, but that necrotic, scarring, inward tragedy that has never been portrayed better, IMO. [Tsukihime portrayed the nobility of man.] To present the two sides of the same coin and place them in a background that defamiliarizes the viewer so that the viewer can see more clearly because of the contrast of the setting with the actions of the characters - this is what I simply call genius. Champloo should be a companion to Cowboy Bebop.

    Trivia: the first words in Watanabe titles describe the general 'time' of where the series is set: cowboy pertains to a modern cowboy - the bounty hunter, and well, the samurai pertains to samurai - what is past. Champloo and Bebop pertain to cocktails: Bebop and Champloo are cultural mixes and cocktails.

    By presenting the two sides of the same coin, he has shown us humanity. That's why Watanabe titles rank so high for me.
  • Ocean Waves has a more simple explanation. This is the only Ghibli movie that dealt with a bittersweet, real-life romance, and despite the small budget given to the producers, still remains among the more excellent films I've seen. Incidentally, this is the only movie where I cut class just to watch it four more times because of the meaning I gleaned with each rewatch. The words are simple, don't get me wrong, but the actions are not wasted: it shows what friendship, sacrifice, and ultimately love is, and doesn't dress it up with surreal settings. It knows what the real world is, and for that, this is the Ghibli film that I love. I definitely loved the soundtrack for this film.
  • Hiatari Ryoukou is among the romances produced by Mitsuru Adachi, a popular mangaka of the 1980s. Simply put, this is a romance where the main hero and heroine aren't asses or idiots or ice queens or kings: they are normal beings with rather positive characteristics, simply struggling with everyday life. Although I haven't finished this yet [come on, Athanor ... give us more HR] it left a great impression on me that a lot of older anime can still be as good, if not better than the more recent ones. It's also very addicting, and the characters are very persuasive that I love everyone of them. :)
  • I discovered Legendary Gambler Tetsuya while picking out not-so-popular anime to watch. Seeing that there were two episodes, I managed to download these over a period of two weeks: there were no seeds, and despite no one watching it [based on the no. of seeds] I kept on plodding.

    I wasn't disappointed. I personally approved of this more than I did of Hikaru no Go, because the person here wasn't a goody-goody: he tried living scrupulously, but seeing that could not be done, tried his best to ascend from the depths he was in with his best efforts by getting really good at Mahjong.

    The OP was very upbeat: two years have passed, and I still haven't forgotten the lyrics of that OP - and the story was engrossing, despite it being only two episodes. He gets beat up in the second episode because a master made him realize that he could never win following the rules - that sometimes one must go beyond it to triumph.

    I know this isn't a very strong suggestion: it just etched a very good impression on me while I was watching it, and I was hooked with the unique artstyle. Hopefully, Akagi can replace this show, because I think this wouldn't even break into my top seven if it was completely subbed because I could see more of its flaws.

Two of the last three choices are mainly taste-based: Ocean Waves for many is a boring watch, and not many even know of Legendary Gambler Tetsuya. I stand by Hiatari Ryoukou, however, because despite it being really old as an anime, it has a very well-written story and complex and very convincing characters.

The rest of the choices are pretty much canon classic anime, and Rozen Maiden's thread is the most popular fansub thread in the forum [despite the series having finished more than half a year ago], so I don't think those are only a matter of choice: they're really, really good anime.

WHEW. :)

eternal 2006-06-07 04:16

Yo,physics,haha,you really can share a lot me,your description is practically picking words from dictionary(i'm a chinese from Asia),but i know you strongly recommend rozen maiden here.
I actually watched the first episode when the series was on...however i didn't have enough patience for it.I suppose the good part comes in the middle of the series.

Samurai Champloo is unique.For me,in my personal opinion,it falls into "adventure" category.Watching samurai champloo gaves me a " ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" feeling.It doesn't really give me any REAL excitement nor it gives me shivery that will move me but it somehow really calms me down.

Hmm,oh yeah, Kumon no mukou e yakusoku bashou(beyong the clouds) is good to,some scene gave me shivery.

What about a list of top 7 anime-that-give-you-shivery ?

1. Naruto - This anime actually brought me into the anime world,while this anime was the only series i was watching,Naruto has no fillers and watching Naruto's power increases episode by episode gives me a thrill.Okay,i think almost everyone watches it.And how does it give me shivery? Ans: When Naruto suddenly comes out with a great technique that he has never shown before (like the first time success of kage bunshin no justsu,kuchiyose no jutsu,tajuu kage bunshin no justu)

2. Gundam SEED & Destiny -I believe it's the soundtrack that gave me shivery,be it T.M Revolution or Yuki Kaijura.It always moves me whenever the protogonists are on the verge of assaulted by anime,and the hero saved them in time,and the soundtrack is playing,it could actually bring tears!! I myself am not a mecha fan girl,but to think that i can like a mecha anime,this is just masterpiece!Just like the action!I like those stupid commands too!

3.Noir- Again soundtrack.Besides,i'm that person who likes dark-plot anime.So,the gun fights and the moment 2 best pals are actually aiming each other with gun,i felt a sense of chill.

4.Madlax- I'm putting this on my list is probably i'm a Bee Train fan,or a Yuki Kaijura fan,or just because i'm a Noir fan!! :heh:

5.Revolutionary girl Utena -you can just ignore this title unless you are a shoujo ai fan.Unique plot.Friendships,whooeh.

6.Air Tv - i know i've repeated this many times.But,poor girl the main girl is.......the last few episodes of the series actually made me cry...... T_T

7.Bleach - Just a few moments....since i don't know what to put on my list.

Basically,despite i watch hundreds of good anime,i only root for 4 animes.And the top 3 animes on the list above are my top 3 overall,and i don't even have a top 5 !! I'm sad that i can't say "i have too many anime titles to put on my top 10 favourite list! " In search to fill in my top 5 overall anime!!! Argh!!

physics223 2006-06-07 04:45

You know, I feel the very same way. I'm pretty much sure of my favorite anime, Tsukihime, but I'm unsure of the rest. Still, I think what I wrote seems pretty good reading [lol, I'm a jerk].

Let me add that I also hail from Asia. I am not in any way Western or American. I strongly encourage you, however, to be patient with Rozen Maiden , and if that doesn't work - well, you could move on to other things. I just love Hiatari Ryoukou, however.

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