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Bigpet 2003-12-23 07:07

Gunsliger Girl 7 Song after the intro
I know this "whats this song called?" sucks but I really want to know who made this song. I mean the song in the seventh episode thatīs played directly after the intro. I really like this song. So plz help.

koki_2706 2003-12-23 07:28

It's called 'Woke from Dreaming' by The Delgados, the same Scottish band who sang the OP. The song can be found in the Gunslinger Girl Singles CD & and the 'Hate' album by the band...

Bigpet 2003-12-23 07:46

Thanks a lot. I just found the answer in another Thread. I really should look a little bit more around in other threads but somehow I didnīt really knew the Band. So thanks a lot.

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