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Deathkillz 2006-06-09 16:01

My first siggy...
I loved the way ppl use photoshop therefor it has inspired me to make my own sig (instead of requesting for one)...thats where the challange comes from ;) too bad im a noob...

can you guys plz look that the very first sig that i made and maybe comment on it? gimme tips on how to improve it also...i will be very happy...

ofc negative comments are welcomed but be warned i have a short fuse :heh:
well here it is:

this is my first so plz go easy on not an expert like some of you...

Diaboso 2006-06-09 16:04

lol beter than I can do... still its nice

Kurz 2006-06-09 19:31

Two complaints only I swear:
First those blades seem to need a bit of sharpening.
They are so blurry, and coupled with the fact the background it makes it harder to appreicate. Normaly this kind of definition is fine, however the Character Archer is alot sharper than the blades, thats how I noticed.

The word Archer is so hard to read because static background. Maybe if you can make the letter's in Archer alittle bolder.

Other than that you have my vote.

Deathkillz 2006-06-09 20:19

great how do i make the blurrness go away then? and i seem to have difficulty finding the bold type for my words :heh:

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