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dot_rain 2003-12-23 14:32

3D glassess for gamers awsome
After watching .Hack , I was always thinking about that 3D glassess when they were playing .hack game , look at this site

gravitation 2003-12-23 14:38

OOoOOoo They look kool! and not as bad as i thought they would be, i expected em to be like bricks :heh: ^__^

Esperchld 2003-12-23 15:23

looks like LCD shutter glasses. This technology has been around for a LONG time. The first time I used this stuff was with the Sega Master System. It works by showing the same frame twice (once for each eyes perspective), and closing off one of the eyes for each of these pictures. They are ok, not all that great. I prefer a real HUD to these. Never tried to use them on software that requires all of your system resources. My guess is that you will want to be able to do atleast 60fps with out them so that you can get 30 per eye. Also only works with a CRT monitor, can't use an LCD or plasma with it.

Might also be a weird polorization technique (like with the Michael Jackson movie thing in Disney World).

Or a combination of the two.

Thelastguardian 2003-12-23 15:36

The earliest I could remember seeing this kind of stuff is the one Asus had bundle with TNT2 Ultra.

Esperchld 2003-12-23 15:40

There was one for the Sega Master System (I know because I wired one up to a PC at one point and wrote some drivers to make it sych right). Realy nice with the NES powerglove as well. You could intereact with things that didn't exist in the air in front of you.

I dont' think one used shutter glasses again until asus brought it back into the light.

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