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kj1980 2006-06-16 09:32

Fate/stay night Episode 24 Discussion thread
Welcome to the discussion thread for the twenty-fourth episode of Fate/stay night. Air date: Fri 16th June 2006 (late Friday night / early Saturday morning)

Please remember this thread is for the anime watcher only. If you want to discuss aspects of the game, then please use the Fate/Stay Night Game Discussion thread

Since the series is licensed the following posts are not allowed!
  • Asking where you can find F/sn downloads or torrents.
  • Discussing F/sn fansub groups (past or present).
  • Asking for help downloading F/sn.
  • Asking for playback help for F/sn episodes.
These rules applies to fansubs (in English or any other language) and raws alike.

You are allowed to discuss the anime but please remember to limit the discussion to the anime story only. In addition, please remain on-topic and do not post any spoilers.

Any spoilers from the game will be deleted. The entire post will be deleted (even if there is just a small part of the post containing spoilers). Please use the Report button if you see any spoilers. THIS INCLUDES THOSE WRITTEN INSIDE SPOILER TAGS!!!!

Hemisphere 2006-06-16 09:43

Here's hoping the ending is decent!

Deathkillz 2006-06-16 09:53

woo hooo final conclusion!!! gil gets his butt kicked in!!!! /cheer

Kaya 2006-06-16 10:12

I just can't wait to see this ep...!!! I think it is going to be the best of all (I hope :)) Saber stay... ;)

DwArD 2006-06-16 10:35

Come on....most of us should know what will happen in the end....I'm just concern about how they're going to present it. I have a feeling I'm gonna cry after seeing it....oh wait....I'm already crying!?:upset: I gotta start scouting for new animes to replace fate/stay night

fict_ticious 2006-06-16 10:45

Here it comes! Good run, despite it's ups and downs, and I can't wait to see the conclusion.

Shiroth 2006-06-16 10:45

Last episode indeed, can't wait to see what kind of epilogue we'll get.

lighthand 2006-06-16 10:55

*sigh* should have guessed the ending.... bye-bye Saber-chan.....

Anyone with a good show to replace FSN?

Blizzer 2006-06-16 11:20

I can't wait to see it either but Im gonna wait for the sub and won't watch the raw cus that would just ruin it

Kiba and Air Gear are my other faves at the moment

Xellos-_^ 2006-06-16 11:29

sorry guys didn't know that was the wrong thread.

fict_ticious 2006-06-16 11:42


Originally Posted by Xellos-_^

I'm a little reluctant to click that link....

zgmf-x19a 2006-06-16 11:44

thanks for the link :)
I hope the raw will become available soon

zgmf-x19a 2006-06-16 11:46

Is it me or is there only one picture in the 2chan link?

Village Idiot 2006-06-16 11:48

The actual 2chan link:

Prodigious 2006-06-16 11:51

I'm trying to avoid t3h spoilers, but I need one question answered.


fict_ticious 2006-06-16 11:52


Hemisphere 2006-06-16 11:56

From the looks of it...


Xellos-_^ 2006-06-16 11:58

Illya looks like she is having fun. :D

Hemisphere 2006-06-16 12:01

Sir Beldivere (wrong spelling I know) looks like Saber, wtf o_o;

But he is HOT.

Village Idiot 2006-06-16 12:02


Originally Posted by Erhjegel
Sir Bediviere (wrong spelling I know) looks like Saber, wtf o_o;

But he is HOT.

Sir Beldivere is known in Arthurian Legends as being the most handsome of the Knights.

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