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Ichigo91 2006-06-17 13:43

Here is a very huge render I did months ago, ofcourse I have plenty more but I will start off with showing this one,
If you would like to see my others your welcome to ask me :D
And by the time I will render other anime pictures :D

Ichigo91 2006-06-17 14:29

Here is another one this time without a thumbnail :D

Donovan 2006-06-17 18:19

Wow, those are really big, you rarely see anything that big make it onto a webpage. I'm a little curious about the term "render," though. I do a lot of 3d CG, I even have a degree in 3d computer animation, and I've only heard of the term render being used for images generated from 3d models, like so. (From an old project of mine)

So, to make sure that I'm not just behind the times, has the term render become non-exclusive to 3d CG? Now it applies to 2d CG too?

Also, those are pretty nice, It's almost hard to believe you progressed from the image in the shaky line post to those that fast. They look so proffesional-quality, I have a hard time you believing you did them... Did you draw them yourself, or just do a size-up vector trace kinda thing? If you drew them yourself, posting a sketch shouldn't be hard. And regardless of that question, the line and color work is still really good, how did you get the really smooth shading? I've done similar in illustrator, but I think you said you're using photoshop.

MrMoron 2006-06-19 04:52

Behind the times? I thought that the term "render" was in use long before computers were ever invented, in sentences such as "render someone unconscious". And also, I would think that drawing on a paper with a pencil can be called rendering just as well as doing it with computers.

Anyway, good job with those pics, they're incredibly awesome. I probably couldn't see any difference between them and a "pro" production.

Ichigo91 2006-06-19 08:13

Oh no I didnt vector trace it
I just cutted the background out so you can use it for sigs or wallpapers
BWahaha :D

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