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einlancer 2006-07-02 19:05

Slow Dance or "Sweet"
I was watching several anime this past week and somewhere between Mai HIme and Canvas 2 have decided to humor myself and write my own anime.

Now I was doing just fine when suddenly, in trying to further my character's develepment and relationship issues, i somehow noticed something that I havent noticed before.

I have watched over 90 titles/series of anime of all genre, be it harem, action, romance, drama, supernatural, comedy, mecha and what ever genre i have not mentioned, but I cant seem to remember for the life of me any one of them used the Slow Dance/ or "sweet dance" moment.

I know american cartoons have used this event especially with those that were made by disney... and most american drama movies have them... But I cant seemingly remember it being used in anime to further relationship, plot or develepment of the characters..

So what I'm asking is.. "Is the Slow Dance or "Sweet" exclusively for american/ western cartoons and movies or can it be used in anime as well?" It seems to me that the counterpart of the Slow Dance in anime is "watching fireworks together during a festival, or something like that."

If any of you know of anime that utilizes the Slow Dance to great efficiency, could you list them here.. I'd like to see if i could use it as well, as it stands now, it seems to westernized for an anime.


Radiosity 2006-07-02 19:21


Originally Posted by einlancer
So what I'm asking is.. "Is the Slow Dance or "Sweet" exclusively for american/ western cartoons and movies or can it be used in anime as well?"

Hmm, to be quite honest, it's your script, you can basically do what you want. If you want them to slow-dance, then go ahead and make them slow-dance :) I have to agree that it's not something you really see in anime, so at least you're being somewhat original within the particular medium you've chosen.

Of course, if it was an American cartoon you were writing a script for, everyone would be like 'oh god, not another bloody slow-dance', give us a hot spring episode! :D

clesven 2006-07-04 00:47

Lots of animes have the "slow dance" moment, such as gundam wing. Any anime that isn't all about fighting, which removes naruot(childish), bleach(blood&gore), and any anime that doesn't have much of a set plot. Sorry, but gundam has some kind of sophistication in it that bleach and naruto don't have. Naruto is an extremley childish anime, i cant keep from seeing two little kids constantly fighting just to show their own power. Bleach is really awesome, the backround music helps greatley and sets a good mood, it is really awesome and has a great plot.. but the episodes after they saved rukia from death which are about 69+ have been extremley boring.... OK BACK THE POINT. Many animes have had "slow dance moments".

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