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Catgirls 2006-07-17 10:03

Utawarerumono Episode 16 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Utawarerumono, Episode 16.

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Angela Sanctisstessa 2006-07-17 11:20

erm ai'nt it supposed to be epi16? anyway i expect a slightly relaxed episode this week

Catgirls 2006-07-17 14:40


Originally Posted by Angela Sanctisstessa
erm ai'nt it supposed to be epi16? anyway i expect a slightly relaxed episode this week

Yep. Whoops.

ayyo 2006-07-17 19:56

Spoiler for episode 16 spoilers:

zalas 2006-07-17 22:35

Ah it's a pity Kuuya only shows up for a second. I guess we know the voice actors for them now:

Akira Tomisaka(富坂晶) for Kuuya
who seems to have played some supporting roles in other shows
Shouzou Iidzuka(飯塚昭三) for Genjimaru
who has much more experience in voice acting than Tomisaka

I guess it was too much to have hoped for Chinami Nishimura of Kanna fame to voice Kuuya. :/
At least by the episode title of episode 17, we'll be seeing a nice chunk of time dedicated to Kuuya. :)

Jinsoo 2006-07-18 00:01

Hah, I told ya this ep was all just talk ;3

Spoiler for :X:

kirjava 2006-07-18 02:51

I just cant wait until ep 16 gets subed.. grrr

cheenk 2006-07-18 14:20


Originally Posted by Jinsoo
Hah, I told ya this ep was all just talk ;3

Spoiler for :X:

so do i... isnt touka supposed to be funny?

Zaris 2006-07-18 19:29

The juxtaposition of Touka's serious nature inside a rather mellow environment is what makes her funny. :D

I'm glad the necessary characters got as much screentime as they did. I'm happy for an all-talk episode after seeing 5 episodes of fight-fight-fight. Character can only portray so much on the battlefield. :x

Lost 2006-07-19 02:50


Originally Posted by kirjava
I just cant wait until ep 16 gets subed.. grrr

Your Mom. Has anyone tried Ramen-Subs? More groups are catching on to UtaMono. (")b

babuji 2006-07-19 03:24

All of the sudden, everybody is fansubbing utawarerumono.


Episode 16 just aired barely 40 hours ago and they already fansub it. We are up to the most reason episode.

Wahahahaha..Gotta love this.

Forever 2006-07-19 03:40


Originally Posted by Lost
Your Mom. Has anyone tried Ramen-Subs? More groups are catching on to UtaMono. (")b

Well your-mom tends to be speedsubbers so the quality isnt much to be expected....

Onizuka-GTO 2006-07-19 06:13

nice episode.

I like.


Scribble 2006-07-19 06:53

Can't someone sub Sasami Mahou Club or whatever instead? Or Hime Gokujin? =/

Anyway, I'm glad to see the end of the last arc.

Kensuke 2006-07-19 16:43

This was indeed nice episode, even Karura fears Eruruu.

Spoiler for episode 17 preview:

Shiroth 2006-07-19 18:29

Episode 16 was a pretty relaxing episode. ^^

The massage scene was just cute all over.. so happy to actually see a relationship building there, so good. Probably the fun part about this episode was seeing just how Touka would act around such peaceful times.. and i gotta say it, she did not fail.

This has got the be the first time we've got to see Benawi actually but some effort into his fight, he didn't actually do much when going against Karura in that spare a few episodes back, but then again.. it is Karura. ^^;;

Zaris 2006-07-19 19:14

This is the kind of episode we've been needing for quite a while. Yes, it is peacetime. Yes, people are smiling for things other than blood fever. Sure, soldiers will train as usual. Like you said, Angelsama, they'll spar. But at the end of the day, they'll stamp their timecards and just drink like buddies. O.o

I personally felt that Benawi put some effort in his fighting back in episode 10. But Karura's strength was just so unbelievably strong that all Benawi could do was parry and block (and that was all he did do :X).

10/10. It fulfilled all of my expectations - sufficient plot advancement (even if most of what was brought up were unanswered or left for episode 17), no reused animations, and TONS of Hakuoro/Eruruu screentime. :D

Is it a sin for me to think Benawi can outmatch Karura in a fight anytime of the day of the week? (b'-')b

Kona 2006-07-19 19:35

Akakakakaka, that must be a bad nightmare to have him have him laugh at you :uhoh: .

Flame-X 2006-07-19 20:19

who is kuuya? a friend or foe? i have a feeling this character is gonna befriend hakuro for a couple eps and betray him.

and whats up with kamyu? is she drunk over water or something?

Orchunter226 2006-07-19 23:05

Hmm.. Kamyu's drinking problem might be related to her dance with those glowy things. As Hakuoro said, she is their witch. So maybe she is being adversely affected by magic or something.

As for Kuuya: I think she will become friends with Hakuoro and he'll have yet another girl to add to his harem :D.

Did anyone else find the story Eruruu told to Yuzuha kind of sad? That seen made me feel sad and happy at same time. I thought it was done quite well.

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