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Renge 2006-07-25 18:35

code or link prob.
Ok im such a noob but how do you put those images in your sig and then you clik at them and it send you to another side? Im trying to put something called "code" from this site but and i want the third image of 100 x 50 but i dont know how to put it here with the link and everything else.sorry if my english is bad :heh:

xris 2006-07-25 18:45

Well, for a start you should take notice of the comment they make on that page.


Please save the images to your own server. Do not direct link. Thank you~!
This means pretty much what it says, that is, do not point to their site when you use the image. This is known as hotlinking and while it can be stopped it's not always that easy for a site to prevent you from doing it (and it's considered bad manners to hotlink). You should host it on your own site or use an image hosting site.

As for how to get the image as your sig, please have a look at the FAQ, in particular, Are there any special codes/tags I can use to markup my posts? and vB Code List.

Sorry the reply is short, I expect someone will post more details on how to obtain a sig or / and an avatart (which I assume is the actual question you want an answer for).

Renge 2006-07-25 19:08

Ok..... so I cant point to the site for the hotlinking think but i still dont get on how to use those codes.>>

Catgirls 2006-07-25 21:57


Originally Posted by Renge
Ok..... so I cant point to the site for the hotlinking think but i still dont get on how to use those codes.>>

Hi ya.

The codes that they list on their site are example HTML that you would use if the forum or web-site supported HTML. The codes link back to their web-site and give them credit for the graphics. It's always nice to give credit back to the site if you can. The first one...

I <font face="Symbol">©</font> <a href="" title="Mitsuketa" target="_new">Hikaru/Haruhi</a>

...when used in a web page as straight HTML, will look like this:

Since we don't support HTML, you need to convert the HTML to vB Code (which xris linked to in his post). I don't know how to make the heart symbol, but the rest is a simple link. You can use the [URL][/URL] tags. So, to put that first code in your Signature, you would type type this:

I love [URL=""]Hikaru/Haruhi[/URL]

Which would look like this in your Signature:

I love Hikaru/Haruhi

The second Code they list...

<a href="" title="Mitsuketa" target="_new"><img src="IMAGE NAME HERE" border="0"></a> a linked image that when clicked on, pops open a new browser window/tab and points back to their web-site. Basically, where it says "IMAGE NAME HERE", you would put in the location of the image you want to use. So now we need to convert that to VB Code so that you can use it here on AnimeSuki in your Signature.

First, pick an image to use and download it to your hard drive. Next, upload it to a free image host like Let's use this one for example:

After you upload your image to, you will see a list of codes. Choose the First One (hotlink for forums 1):


Where is says ", replace it with "" so it looks like this:


Now when you view your Signature, it will look like this:
(click on the image)

Now, let's put the two together to form one signature. This...

I love [URL=""]Hikaru/Haruhi[/URL]

...will give you this...
I love Hikaru/Haruhi

And that's basically what those Codes are on their web-site. What they are saying is, "hey, if you use one or more of our images, please link back and give us credit". Obviously, you can add a couple more images (please read our Signature Size Limits in our forum rules) and fill it out a bit, but that's basically what their Codes do.

Hope that helps. Cheers.

Renge 2006-07-26 13:35

ok thank you everybody ^^ I will check it out now

Renge 2006-07-26 13:42

It works yay!

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