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Danny Boy 2003-11-06 10:43

Playback problems with Live-Evil's Rumic Theater and Mermaid's Forest
I'm having problems playing Live-Evil's Rumic Theater and Mermaid's Forest. When I play it using the DivX player ver. 2.1, the video is out of sync, and much slower than the audio. Also it seems to be a bit choppy. Using Windows Media Player ver. 8 the video is sometimes slow, sometimes at pace with the audio, though the video is jumpy, choppy and shakes violently. Using BSPlayer ver. 8, the result is the same as with WMP. Using gspot I did not receive any error, and it has found two compatible codecs for both audio and video for Rumic Theater and Mermaid's Forest.

My computer is an Intel Pentium III 667MHz with 384 megs of RAM and I'm running WinXP Pro. My video card is ASUS AGP 3800M.

Any idea?

NoSanninWa 2003-11-06 17:15

I do have a few ideas actually. The first is that you should try using Media Player 6.4, since it is the best for handling this sort of problem on slower systems (like yours). Since it is already on your system it shouldn't take much time to try it out. Go to the start menu and click on "Run..." and typle mplayer2 to call it up.

Start Menu -> "Run" -> type mplayer2

If this doesn't play the video better then I'd suggest that you try our ultimate codec solution. Through much trial and error, tested upon countless newbies (who don't know how to read the "sticky" important threads) we have found a simple and quick solution that will fix at least 98% of all problems that we see. This will fix problems that would curdle your blood to hear about and is a good preventative measure to save you from future problems.

Uninstall all your codecs. Trust me. All of them:
Uninstall DivX.
Uninstall XviD.
Uninstall ffdshow.
Especially uninstall any Codec packs, They are Evil!

Download and install ffdshow. You'll find it listed on the Media Configuration Guide.

Danny Boy 2003-11-06 19:58

Mplayer's behavior is mostly the same as WMP. Slower video and it shakes.

Whoops, I have never uninstalled a codec in my life. Any tips?

NoSanninWa 2003-11-06 20:26

Yeah, Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

Then you look down the list and remove anything that says XviD, DivX or codec pack. Especially remove any codec packs since they are the cause of a lot of problems.

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